LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Digital unit: BIT

4 Play the part of: ACTAS

9 Paintball attire, for short: CAMO

13 Cry from a card holder: UNO

14 Religious leader: CLERIC

16 Made man? ADAM

17 Home for the holidays, say: OFF

18 World's largest lizard: KOMODO

19 Rooftop spinner: VANE

20 Court address: YOUR

22 FDR job-creating program: WPA

23 -: DRAGON

25 -: HONOR

27 Catchers with pots: EELERS

28 Like the Avengers: HEROIC

31 Twice DVI: MXII

32 Z preceder: ATO

33 Pancake at a seder: LATKE

36 Longtime Sweethearts maker: NECCO

40 Instructions for fire safety ... or for completing four puzzle answers: STOPDROPANDROLL

43 Marx forte: HUMOR

44 Kim and Kourtney's sister: KHLOE

45 Bundle of cash: WAD

46 Toy with a tail: KITE

48 "Spill it": TELLME

50 Bassett of "American Horror Story": ANGELA

53 Percussion piece: SNARE

55 Shotgun type: DOUBLE

56 Zing: PEP

57 -: DRUM

61 Where Georgia is: ASIA

62 -: BARREL

65 Mineral resource: ORE

66 Move: SELL

67 Cocktail garnishes: OLIVES

68 A long time follower? AGO

69 Scoundrel: HEEL

70 "Aida" setting: EGYPT

71 Dawn phenomenon: DEW


1 Elevate: BUOY

2 Scoop: INFO

3 Curds in cubes: TOFU

4 "Oy!": ACK

5 High-capacity vehicle? CLOWNCAR

6 Record time? TEMPO

7 Like noisy fans: AROAR

8 Vicious on stage: SID

9 High-and-mighty: CAVALIER

10 Wise words: ADAGE

11 Regal home: MANOR

12 Warning signs: OMENS

15 Book form that replaced the scroll: CODEX

21 Pi follower: RHO

24 Team in a seasonal verse: REINDEER

26 Boring contraption: OILDRILL

28 Diner dish: HASH

29 Words to a backstabber: ETTU

30 Part of a Clue accusation: ROOM

31 "Iron Chef America" creation: MEAL

34 Casino gratuity: TOKE

35 Canadian road sign letters: KPH

37 Monk's hood: COWL

38 Quahog or geoduck: CLAM

39 Renaissance faire word: OLDE

41 Sphere used to capture a Pikachu, say: POKEBALL

42 "Zip it!": NOTAPEEP

47 Fitness portmanteau: TAEBO

49 Was in charge: LED

50 Small recipe amount: ADASH

51 Long time follower? NOSEE

52 Chicanery: GUILE

53 Rosemary unit: SPRIG

54 Brazen: NERVY

58 "Ice __ Truckers": TV reality series: ROAD

59 Impulse: URGE

60 Cry that may mean "I'm out of tuna!": MEOW

63 Microbrewery output: ALE

64 WWII craft: LST

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