LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 1 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Asset for Sherlock: LOGIC

6 Fast: RAPID

11 Additional information? SUM

14 Important period: EPOCH

15 Eat into: ERODE

16 What makes a deal ideal? ANI

17 Elaborate costume parties: MASKEDBALLS

19 Pickle: FIX

20 "Zip it!": SHH

21 Prosperity: WEAL

22 "Blah, blah, blah," for short: ETCETC

24 Golden __: AGER

25 "I used to be Snow White, but I __": Mae West: DRIFTED

26 Part of the pelvis: SACRUM

29 In essence: MAINLY

30 "Bor-r-ring": HOHUM

31 LPGA great Lopez: NANCY

32 Green shade: PEA

35 Rare blood type, briefly: ANEG

36 Shakespearean barmaid: WENCH

37 Picky details: NITS

38 "But __ got high hopes ... ": song lyric: HES

39 Neutral tone: BEIGE

40 Prefix with -gram: PENTA

41 Like angel food cake: SPONGY

43 Curry favor with, with "to": KISSUP

44 Ill-mannered: UNCOUTH

46 Veers suddenly: ZIGS

47 Distance runners: MILERS

48 First name in folk: JONI

49 How it's always done, initially: SOP

52 Heat meas.: BTU

53 Places for seeing stars? BOXINGRINGS

56 CSA soldier: REB

57 Green shade: OLIVE

58 Fragrances: ODORS

59 Pack animal: ASS

60 Snooped (around): NOSED

61 "Check": NOBET


1 NASA vehicles: LEMS

2 Fish with vermilion fins: OPAH

3 "Jeepers!": GOSH

4 "Ugh!": ICK

5 Enjoy Orbit: CHEWGUM

6 Masonry-reinforcing rod: REBAR

7 Inland Asian sea: ARAL

8 D.C. player: POL

9 Set-for-life set: IDLERICH


11 What can help you avoid getting stuck changing diapers? SAFETYPINS

12 Form a coalition: UNITE

13 Personalized collection of love songs, say: MIXCD

18 Consider: DEEM

23 Toronto Argonauts' org.: CFL

24 "... bug in __": ARUG

25 Hustle or shuffle: DANCE

26 Former Mideast ruler: SHAH

27 Tops: AONE

28 Groups with a piece-keeping strategy? CHESSCLUBS

29 Like many a stray dog: MANGY

31 Bay sound: NEIGH

33 Incredulous dying words: ETTU

34 "Hurry!" letters: ASAP

36 Tried to make it on one's own: WENTSOLO

37 Storied loch: NESS

39 New Orleans' __ Street: BOURBON

40 Crude smelting product: PIGIRON

42 "Once upon a midnight dreary" poet: POE

43 Two-checker piece: KING

44 Eclipse shadow: UMBRA

45 Times in ads: NITES

46 Daydreamed, with "out": ZONED

48 Nonsense talk, whose circled letter is the start of what might be done with items in the four longest puzzle answers: JIVE

49 Stuffed shirt: SNOB

50 Brutish one: OGRE

51 "You there!": PSST

54 Ones following the nus? XIS

55 Court promise: IDO

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