LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 1 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Qualifier for a hall entry? FAME

5 Excuse descriptor: LAME

9 Med. recordings: EKGS

13 Over, in much Twain dialogue: AGIN

14 "__ my way": IMON

15 Relatives of windsocks: VANES

17 Hugo character memorably portrayed by Charles Laughton: QUASIMODO

19 Fuming: IRATE

20 Uncle __: SAM

21 Risk pieces: DICE

22 Type of large TV: PLASMA

23 With 36- and 44-Across, what 17-Across might have said when his job became too repetitious? IFITOLLEDTHEM

26 Sitarist Shankar: RAVI

28 Metal sources: ORES

29 Important part of a whale's diet: KRILL

31 Feigned: FALSE

33 Many an IRS employee: CPA


39 "Got it now?": SEE

40 Parts of Walmart work uniforms: VESTS

41 Frodo's home, with "the": SHIRE

42 Gentlemen: SIRS

43 Actor Omar: EPPS

44 See 23-Across: AHUNDREDTIMES

51 Lengthy account: LITANY

52 Participate in a race, maybe: RIDE

53 Fluoride-touting org.: ADA

56 Blazing: AFIRE

57 17-Across' workplace: BELLTOWER

59 Problems electric razors should prevent: NICKS

60 Avoid getting into deep water? WADE

61 "Lobster Telephone" artist: DALI

62 "__ who?": SAYS

63 Monthly Roman calendar occurrences: IDES

64 Turned yellow, perhaps: DYED


1 Customer info sources: FAQS

2 Lago contents: AGUA

3 '80s cop show featuring Ferraris: MIAMIVICE

4 USN rank: ENS

5 Keep in check: LIMIT

6 Merged gas company: AMOCO

7 Auto datum: MODEL

8 Brian of music: ENO

9 What superheroes seek to thwart: EVILDEEDS

10 Gold fineness units: KARATS

11 Grind: GNASH

12 "They __ up!": scapegoat's cry: SETME

16 Alteration target: SEAM

18 Infamous Amin: IDI

22 Intrinsically: PERSE

24 Rank partner: FILE

25 Doesn't do much: LOLLS

26 Classic movie theaters: RKOS

27 "Alfred" composer: ARNE

30 Red state? LIVIDNESS

31 Broadway choreographer for "Chicago": FOSSE

32 PC key: ALT

33 Cuts into, with "at": CHIPSAWAY

34 Cop's collar: PERP

35 Iowa college town: AMES

37 Jones or Gilliam of Monty Python: TERRY

38 Passé pronoun: THEE

42 Impertinent in tone: SNARKY

44 PBS "Mystery!" host Cumming: ALAN

45 LP players: HIFIS

46 Erie Canal city: UTICA

47 More than fear: DREAD

48 Circumflex cousin: TILDE

49 Doesn't do much: IDLES

50 Satisfied: MET

54 Editor's mark: DELE

55 Like much of New Mexico: ARID

57 Md. airport serving D.C.: BWI

58 Not quite right: ODD

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