LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 1 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 1 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Surpasses 21, in blackjack: BUSTS

6 Top-level performance: AGAME

11 NBA legend, familiarly: DRJ

14 Company that's proud of its quacks? AFLAC

15 Chopper topper: ROTOR

16 Like the top half of Monaco's flag: RED

17 Craven endeavor: HORRORMOVIE

19 In the style of: ALA

20 Solar panel spot: ROOF

21 Blockhead: TWIT

22 Like energy-efficient buildings, e.g.: HIGHPERFORMANCE

29 Together, in music: ADUE

30 Acid found in olive oil: OLEIC

31 34-Across has one of them: TILDES

34 Historic ship: NINA

35 QB's try: ATT

38 Territorial complex dissolved during the Napoleonic Wars: HOLYROMANEMPIRE

41 Senator Klobuchar: AMY

42 Orator's art: Abbr.: RHET

43 WWI president: WILSON

44 Dough: MOOLA

45 Resistance units: OHMS

46 Acclaimed 2016 Broadway soundtrack, with "The": HAMILTONMIXTAPE

52 "By Jove!": EGAD

53 Ticket datum: GATE

54 __-country: ALT

55 Final leg ... and a hint to each set of circles: HOMESTRETCH

62 Cartoonist Chast: ROZ

63 Precipice: BRINK

64 Like an egg: OVATE

65 Table for __: TWO

66 Passing words? OBITS

67 Tranquilizing brand: XANAX


1 "Harrumph!": BAH

2 Eerie sky sight: UFO

3 Canon letters: SLR

4 Pitch: TAR

5 Org. whose income taxes are passed through to shareholders: SCORP

6 Tanks and such: ARMOR


8 Dune buggy, briefly: ATV

9 L'Etat, ˆ Louis XIV: MOI

10 Bard's before: ERE

11 Outlined, maybe: DRAWN

12 Museum piece: RELIC

13 Website for Jewish singles: JDATE

18 Sushi topper: ROE

21 Half a Northwest airport: TAC

22 Yoga term meaning "force": HATHA

23 "Under the weather," say: IDIOM

24 Water-formed ditch: GULLY

25 Actress Lamarr: HEDY

26 Director of many "This Is Us" episodes: OLIN

27 What people who need People might do? RENEW

28 Coconut Grove city: MIAMI

32 Swashbuckling Flynn: ERROL

33 Trés chic: SOHOT

35 Tyler of "Archer": AISHA

36 Tread heavily: TROMP

37 Future, e.g.: TENSE

39 Ten-time NBA All-Star Anthony, to fans: MELO

40 Story arc: PLOT

44 Prefix with day: MID

46 Symbol of affection: HEART

47 Lit up: AGLOW

48 Passover staple: MATZO

49 Hides: MASKS

50 Wednesday kin: ITT

51 Copy, in a way: XEROX

55 "Industry" network: HBO

56 Celestial sphere: ORB

57 Customizable Nintendo avatar: MII

58 Green of "Casino Royale": EVA

59 Shade on the beach: TAN

60 Windy City train letters: CTA

61 Curse: HEX

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