LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 They may be scraped off in bars: FOAMS

6 Hamlet's "A little more than kin, and less than kind," e.g.: ASIDE

11 Cut short: BOB

14 Atlas box: INSET

15 Got a lode of: MINED

16 Half a pair: ONE

17 Up-tempo music lover's aversion? BALLADINFLUENCE

20 Tune: AIR

21 Pond fish: KOI

22 Sticks in: ADDS

23 Meeting organizers: AGENDAS

27 Belg. neighbor: GER

29 Oil-yielding Asian tree: TUNG

30 Large garlic relative? BIGSHALLOT

36 Striped animal: TIGER

38 South side? GRITS

39 Time to mark: ERA

40 Employed: INUSE

41 Negative prefix: NON

42 Amazon business: ETAIL

44 Disney Store collectible: CEL

45 Weakling's lack: BRAWN

47 Performed well enough: DIDOK

48 Classical dance minus the lifting, throwing, and such? SAFEBALLET

51 Sign of elimination: DELE

52 Wise __: MEN

53 Matured: RIPENED

55 Siamese, nowadays: THAI

58 One seen on most 46-Down: COW

61 Bar valve: TAP

62 Genetic determinants of Southern linguistic variations? YALLCHROMOSOMES

68 Vietnamese soup: PHO

69 Irritant: PEEVE

70 Drudges: TOILS

71 Polish off: EAT

72 Good thing to have: ASSET

73 Totally committed, and a hint to four puzzle answers: ALLIN


1 It's petty but misleading: FIB

2 Brahms' "Variations __ Theme of Paganini": ONA

3 Comm. system with hand motions: ASL

4 Mixtures: MELANGES

5 Serious: STAID

6 "Moi?": AMI

7 Set, as the sun: SINK

8 Collection of spies? INFO

9 Make happy: DELIGHT

10 Email suffix: EDU

11 Investor's alternative: BOND

12 Like most '80s-'90s commercial music: ONCD

13 Winged collectors: BEES

18 Uninteresting: DRAB

19 Countess' spouse, perhaps: EARL

23 Storage areas: ATTICS

24 Old U.K. coin worth 21 shillings: GUINEA

25 Swallow up: ENGULF

26 Lighthouse output: SIGNAL

28 Facilitated: EASED

31 Unhappy utterance: GROWL

32 Everyone, to some believers: SINNER

33 Oppressively heavy: LEADEN

34 Colorful songbird: ORIOLE

35 Rapped: TALKED

37 Hasidic teacher: REBBE

43 Quahog's quarters: TIDEPOOL

46 58-Across homes: RANCHES

49 Oscar winner Jannings: EMIL

50 Puente of mambo fame: TITO

54 Noodles: PASTA

55 Class: TYPE

56 "Yeah, that's funny": HAHA

57 Tons: ALOT

59 Tram loads: ORES

60 Masterminded, as a complex plan: WOVE

63 Many an IRS employee: CPA

64 Made the acquaintance of: MET

65 Thickness measure: MIL

66 __ Gold, Alan Cumming's "The Good Wife" role: ELI

67 U.S. ID: SSN

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