LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 1 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 1 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 1 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "I Love a Rainy Night" singer Eddie: RABBITT

8 Rattletrap: BEATER

14 TV screen-bottom banner, perhaps: INLINEAD

16 Bond girl Andress: URSULA

17 Clapping game: PATACAKE

18 Vitamin B3: NIACIN

19 Reliable omen: SURESIGN

21 "Krazy" comics feline: KAT

22 Modify: ALTER

25 Murky milieus: FENS

26 Handle carelessly, with "with": MESS

27 Jamaica's Ocho __: RIOS

28 Rocky peaks: TORS

29 Coordinate-based calc.: DIR

30 French wine term: CRU

31 They can't be prevented: CERTITUDES

34 What human flight was once thought to be: HAREBRAINEDIDEA

37 Secondary matters: SIDEISSUES

38 Possess: OWN

39 "Yes, __!": SIR

40 Not wing it: PLAN

41 "__ giorno!": BUON

42 Ship's post that secures cables: BITT

44 Largest Italian automaker: FIAT

45 Big name in health care: AETNA

46 Big name in home security: ADT

47 Most curious: FUNNIEST

49 Best Actress winner for "The Queen": MIRREN

51 Longtime Arctic transportation methods: DOGTEAMS

55 Crossed the lake, say: BOATED

56 Threatens with bared teeth: SNARLSAT

57 Drives: IMPELS

58 Emulated Gene Kelly performing "Singin' in the Rain": SLOSHED


1 Copy, as a CD: RIP

2 Santa __: ANA

3 Diner order: BLT

4 Statistical distortions: BIASES

5 Bring on: INCUR

6 Natural eye cleaner: TEAR

7 Test-drive: TAKEFORASPIN

8 Keg stoppers: BUNGS

9 St. Patrick's home: ERIN

10 Quiet-mouse connector: ASA

11 Exhausted: TUCKEREDOUT

12 __ Sports Bureau, statistics giant: ELIAS

13 Diatribes: RANTS

15 Stereotypical shipwreck sites: DESERTISLANDS

20 They're usually not helpful hints: INSINUATIONS

22 Foot part: ARCH

23 Turkish coins: LIRAS

24 Magnet for rubbernecking: TOURISTTRAP

26 Skirt length: MIDI

28 She was Lois on "Lois & Clark": TERI

29 Clothing: DUDS

31 Talking trucker: CBER

32 Many a "Buffy" character: TEEN

33 Attach, as a patch: SEWON

35 Tighten, in a way: EDIT

36 "X-Men" actress Paquin: ANNA

41 Addictive Asian nuts: BETELS

42 Tale of a whitetail: BAMBI

43 Down in the dumps, say: IDIOM

44 Sponsors: FUNDS

45 2019 World Series runner-up: ASTRO

47 Intuit: FEEL

48 Alike, in Avignon: EGAL

50 Itinerary abbr.: RTE

52 Tough, elastic wood: ASH

53 West of the movies: MAE

54 Reg.: STD

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