LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stone-shaping tool: RASP

5 Hindu noble: RAJA

9 Whirlpool brand: AMANA

14 Trade fair: EXPO

15 Dressed (in): CLAD

16 Apple's apple et al.: LOGOS

17 Ponce de Le—n's pursuit: FOUNTAINOFYOUTH

20 Second most populous nation: INDIA

21 Hereditary unit: GENE

22 Dark blue shade: NAVY

23 Org. concerned with reducing emissions: EPA

25 Buddhist teachers: LAMAS

27 Smooch: KISS

30 2009 title chef played by Meryl Streep: JULIACHILD

35 Year, in Medell’n: ANO

36 Title for Judi Dench: DAME

37 Cartridge filler: TONER

38 Big signs hung in arenas: BANNERS

40 "I dunno": BEATSME

42 Bagel flavoring: ONION

43 Fishing sticks: RODS

44 Pull hard: TUG

45 Collectible '90s-'00s stuffed toy: BEANIEBABY

48 Measures of cell reception: BARS

49 [Scowl]: IMMAD

50 Pronoun with 51-Down: SHE

52 Wall St. debuts: IPOS

55 Light controller in a lens: IRIS

57 Overjoy: ELATE

61 With "The," 2010 Annette Bening/Julianne Moore film ... and a hint to the ends of 17-, 30- and 45-Across: KIDSAREALLRIGHT

64 Turn out to be: ENDUP

65 Airbnb visit, say: STAY

66 Chief Greek god: ZEUS

67 Positive feature: ASSET

68 Head of the Sorbonne? TETE

69 Whirlpool: EDDY


1 Lower-APR loan: REFI

2 Neural transmitter: AXON

3 Tater: SPUD

4 Youngsters' zoo rides: PONIES

5 Color TV pioneer: RCA

6 Sacha Baron Cohen persona: ALIG

7 "Hidden Figures" co-star __ Mon‡e: JANELLE

8 God, in Hebrew: ADONAI

9 American gymnast Raisman with three Olympic gold medals: ALY

10 Apollo launch: MOONSHOT

11 R’o contents: AGUA

12 Imp's punishment: NOTV

13 Like used fireplaces: ASHY

18 Bar beer source: TAP

19 Disaster relief org.: FEMA

24 Open a bit: AJAR

26 Portray: ACTAS

27 Skewered meat: KABOB

28 Silly: INANE

29 Justice Sotomayor: SONIA

31 Verbal hesitations: UMS

32 Popular video-sharing app, familiarly: INSTA

33 Ring-tailed primate: LEMUR

34 Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff: DREGS

36 Jeans fabric: DENIM

39 Topic of little importance: NONISSUE

40 Short hairdo: BOB

41 "Grand" ice cream brand: EDYS

43 Give off: RADIATE

46 Mideast leader: EMIR

47 Most spartan: BAREST

48 Central American country bordering Mexico: BELIZE

51 Pronoun with 50-Across: HER

52 Swedish superstore: IKEA

53 Bowling targets: PINS

54 Numbers that may be long or stacked: ODDS

56 Fence piece: SLAT

58 Improved in a barrel: AGED

59 Hitting-the-ground sound: THUD

60 Site offering handmade crafts: ETSY

62 Fitting: APT

63 Caustic cleaner: LYE

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