LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 1 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 iOS computers: MACS

5 Inbox annoyance: SPAM

9 Increase: ADDTO

14 Texter's modest "I think ... ": IMHO

15 Trendy berry: ACAI

16 Stadium levels: TIERS

17 Poseidon's companions: SEANYMPHS

19 Rushed: RANAT

20 How ballerinas dance: ONTOE

21 Surprise from hiding: STARTLE

23 When a major might be chosen: FRESHMANYEAR

27 Watson's creator: IBM

30 Closing words: THEEND

31 About to arrive: NEAR

33 Road crew supply: TAR

34 Netflix series set in central Missouri: OZARK

39 Query from "Test Man" in old Verizon ads: CANYOUHEARMENOW

43 Disney mermaid: ARIEL

44 Purchase: BUY

45 Californian wine valley: NAPA

46 Territory that became two states: DAKOTA

49 Floral greeting: LEI

50 Oscar-winning actress for "12 Years a Slave": LUPITANYONGO

56 Turn to mist, in Manchester: ATOMISE

57 Cocktail cubes: ROCKS

61 Brunch hr.: TENAM

62 "It's about to happen" ... or what each of the four other longest answers in this puzzle has? ANYMOMENT

66 __ de cacao: CREME

67 Insightful: DEEP

68 Ballet class bend: PLIE

69 __ fit: tantrum: HISSY

70 Work with notes: SONG

71 URL opening: HTTP


1 Japanese soup: MISO

2 Sermon-ending word: AMEN

3 Brit : chin-wag :: Yank : __: CHAT

4 "__ a gun!": SONOF

5 "Stay With Me" singer Smith: SAM

6 Angel dust letters: PCP

7 "Feels amazing!": AAH

8 Returning lover's question: MISSME

9 Unsystematically: ATRANDOM

10 Anne Frank journal: DIARY

11 Al __: pasta order: DENTE

12 Cheerful refrain: TRALA

13 Long-time kitchen products brand: OSTER

18 "__ out!": ump's call: YER

22 Sunbather's goal: TAN

24 Caesar's rebuke: ETTU

25 Ousted Iranian ruler: SHAH

26 Call to a pooch: HEREBOY

27 Ancient Cuzco resident: INCA

28 Boo Boo or Yogi: BEAR

29 Salon service, briefly: MANI

32 Bread for corned beef: RYE

35 Extremely chill: ZEN

36 Like neat freaks: ANAL

37 Lasso: ROPE

38 River in a 1957 movie title: KWAI

40 Quaint: OLDTIMEY

41 One on the road: AUTO

42 Meg of "The Women": RYAN

47 Remote batteries: AAS

48 Works with dough: KNEADS

50 Fastening feature: LATCH

51 Gestation sites: UTERI

52 Corn breads: PONES

53 Muslim officials: IMAMS

54 Miracle-__: garden product: GRO

55 Zing: OOMPH

58 Boston NBAer: CELT

59 Work with needles: KNIT

60 Dance class move: STEP

63 Three-time role for Keanu Reeves: NEO

64 Japanese coins: YEN

65 41-Down efficiency stat: MPG

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