LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 1 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 1 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 1 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Olympian queen: HERA

5 Bad attention-getter in a crowded bar: PSST

9 Baker/literacy advocate Wally who hosted "Learn to Read": AMOS

13 Big name in romance novels: AVON

17 __ beverage: ADULT

19 Goddess who saved infant Zeus from Cronus: IHEA

20 Hair-raising: SCARY

21 Big do: GALA

22 Fundraising items first sold in 1917: GIRLSCOUTCOOKIES

25 Additional decision-making factors: ANDS

26 "Don't move": STAYPUT

27 Person: SOUL

28 Treats inspired by a coal miner in 1917: MOONPIES

30 Sore spot: LESION

32 Flight parts: STEPS

34 Valencian rice dish: PAELLA

35 Frame of Elmer, e.g.: CEL

37 Cpls., e.g.: NCOS

39 "I get it now!": AHA

40 Bach's east: OST

41 She plays Watson in "Elementary": LIU

42 World Series winner in 1917: CHICAGOWHITESOX

47 Hoppy brew, for short: IPA

49 More than help with: DOFOR

50 Fabled thorn victim: LION

51 "Nice job!" reply: ITRY

52 Bishop's agent: VICAR

55 Site with a Pill Identification Tool: WEBMD

57 Have choice words for: SWEARAT

59 Modern problem solver: TECHIE

60 Some microbrews: RYEBEERS

62 "Fantastic Mr. Fox" director Anderson: WES

63 Pile on: ADD

64 Column width unit: PICA

67 American citizenship grantee in 1917: PUERTORICAN

71 Slant: BIAS

72 Gp. once led by Charles Mayo: AMA

73 Book with entries: LOG

74 Black box, e.g.: RECORDER

76 Surgical knife: LANCET

78 Desk accessory: BLOTTER

81 Slow period: SLACK

84 Split: ENDIT

85 Serving two purposes: DUAL

86 Starting on: ASOF

88 Sidestep: AVOID

90 They may be checked at the door: IDS

91 America bought it from Denmark in 1917: USVIRGINISLANDS

94 Letters in early dates: BCE

96 Prefix with fiction: ECO

98 Middle __: AGE

99 Granny: NANA

100 Hubbub: ADO

101 Words of concern: OHDEAR

103 Stern with strings: ISAAC

105 UPS Store customer: SENDER

108 Orphanage founded in 1917: BOYSTOWN

110 Many antique radios: RCAS

112 Crumbly English cheese: STILTON

115 Tantrum-prone one: BIAT

116 Subject of an act passed in 1917: SELECTIVESERVICE

119 Like some ducks? LAME

120 Full of chutzpah: BRASH

121 Philosopher Descartes: RENE

122 Dry runs: TESTS

123 "What __?": ELSE

124 Sources of pliable wood: YEWS

125 Column thatÕs beside the point? ONES

126 ÒImmediately!Ó: STAT


1 Fairy tale heavies: HAGS

2 Ready for publication: EDIT

3 Grandma Moses subject: RUIALLIFE

4 "O Come, __ Faithful": ALLYE

5 Code of conduct: PROTOCOL

6 Moo __ pork: SHU

7 Collectors' goals: SETS

8 Shells from stands: TACOS

9 "That's terrible!": ACK

10 Seriously injures: MAIMS

11 Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor: OREO

12 Online admins: SYSOPS

13 Wonder-struck: AGAPE

14 Dunkin' Donuts order: VANILLACHAI

15 Yale nickname: OLDELI

16 Onetime Bahamian pirate base: NASSAU

18 Spice amts.: TSPS

20 Only child, maybe: SOLEHEIR

23 Teleprompter's job: CUING

24 Tagged before reaching, as home: OUTAT

29 Restless folk? NATIVES

31 "Ah ... okay": NOWISEE

33 Common meal for a tight budget: PASTA

35 Looped in, briefly: CCD

36 Website with detailed instructions: EHOW

38 Athlete's refreshment? SHOWER

40 Clearasil competitor: OXY

43 Lethal snake: COBRA

44 Large group: ARMY

45 Like noble gases: INERT

46 Table scrap: ORT

48 Short shot? PIC

53 Musical with the song "The Gods Love Nubia": AIDA

54 Joey Votto's team: REDS

56 Rail stop: DEPOT

58 Of __ : somewhat: ASORT

59 Pays attention (to): TENDS

61 Software glitch: BUG

62 String of engagements: WAR

64 Like some ale: PALE

65 David Bowie's love: IMAN

66 Holiday sides: CANDIEDYAMS

68 Change the price of: RETAG

69 Traps during a storm, perhaps: ICESIN

70 Circles of light: CORONAS

71 Diva's reward: BRAVA

73 "I'm starving!": LETSEAT

75 Star of David displayer: ELAL

77 El Cantar de m’o __: Castilian epic poem: CID

78 Blue Bird vehicle: BUS

79 Volcanic flows: LAVAS

80 Member of a small ruling class: OLIGARCH

82 Hustler: CONARTIST

83 Scottish pirate: KIDD

85 Key & Peele, e.g.: DUO

87 Handles skillfully: FINESSES

89 Brit. medal: DSO

92 Flinch, say: REACT

93 "À votre __!": SANTE

94 Fielding error: BOBBLE

95 Like Beethoven's Ninth: CHORAL

97 2016 Conn Smythe Trophy recipient Sidney: CROSBY

102 Big name in beauty: ESTEE

103 Relative challenge for some: INLAW

104 African capital: CAIRO

106 Lowdown: DIRT

107 Fabled toy makers: ELVES

109 "__ in this together!": WERE

111 Kristoff's pet reindeer in "Frozen": SVEN

113 Numerical prefix: OCTA

114 Tree squirrelÕs drey, e.g.: NEST

117 Slalom curve: ESS

118 Dallas-to-Memphis dir.: ENE

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