LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 1 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Edible epitomes of redness: BEETS

6 Insurance giant with a spokesduck: AFLAC

11 "No chance!": HAH

14 Heap praise upon: EXTOL

15 Fortune-telling prefix with "sayer": SOOTH

16 "Dude!": BRO

17 2006 best-selling Elizabeth Gilbert spiritual memoir: EATPRAYLOVE

19 Texter's "Egads!": OMG

20 Self-satisfied: SMUG

21 Salon goop: GEL

22 Frozen waffles: EGGOS

24 Place to go blond: BEAUTYPARLOR

28 Capital of Zimbabwe: HARARE

30 Celestial bear: URSA

31 Honda luxury brand: ACURA

32 iPhone assistant: SIRI

34 Dull-colored: DRAB

38 Teen blemish: ZIT

39 Breakfast-in-bed surface: LAPTRAY

42 Lowest Scrabble tile value: ONE

43 Biblical garden: EDEN

45 One signing the checks: BOSS

46 Ejects: OUSTS

48 Western gas chain: ARCO

50 End-of-day photo op: SUNSET

51 Carnivorous plant: VENUSFLYTRAP

55 Like environments where you can walk on air? ZEROG

56 Deserved: DUE

57 Unwanted lawn plant: WEED

60 Means justifier: END

61 Political organization founded in 1995 by 35-Down ... and a literal hint to each set of circled letters: REFORMPARTY

65 Key & Peele, e.g.: DUO

66 Modify to fit: ADAPT

67 Remote-controlled flying camera, say: DRONE

68 "Gimme a __": SEC

69 Brass band heavyweights: TUBAS

70 Crumbly cheeses: FETAS


1 Hive denizens: BEES

2 Oral or final: EXAM

3 Caesar's last question: ETTUBRUTE

4 Fifth, often, for a manual transmission: TOPGEAR

5 Nikon product, briefly: SLR

6 To this point: ASYET

7 Seward's __: Alaska purchase: FOLLY

8 British john: LOO

9 Off-road transp.: ATV

10 Sitcom title bar: CHEERS

11 Streaming option for "Game of Thrones": HBOGO

12 Knight wear: ARMOR

13 Ones who don't share: HOGS

18 Fever and chills: AGUE

23 Kitchen bag brand: GLAD

25 Decimated Asian sea: ARAL

26 Runs smoothly, as an engine: PURRS

27 Diva's highlight: ARIA

28 Visibility inhibitor: HAZE

29 Alkali neutralizer: ACID

32 "Spaceballs" or "Scary Movie": SPOOF

33 "__ your turn": ITS

35 '90s presidential candidate: ROSSPEROT

36 First chip, maybe: ANTE

37 Oscar adjective: BEST

40 Kindergarten basics: ABCS

41 Part of MYOB: YOUR

44 iPod model: NANO

47 In the dark: UNAWARE

49 Nickelodeon toon tot: RUGRAT

50 Champagne flute feature: STEM

51 Trial locale: VENUE

52 Triage MD: ERDOC

53 Parkinson's drug: LDOPA

54 Mongolian tents: YURTS

55 Pizza pieces in London? ZEDS

58 Sicilian volcano: ETNA

59 Hair-coloring agents: DYES

62 Harvard URL ending: EDU

63 Terrif: FAB

64 Adobe file format: PDF

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