LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Language of southern Africa: BANTU

6 City west of Tulsa: ENID

10 Gas station machines: PUMPS

15 Bran benefit: FIBER

16 Traditional teachings: LORE

17 Undersea WWII threat: UBOAT

18 Pre-euro coin: FRANC

19 Historical times: ERAS

20 Email back: REPLY

21 With 27-Across, 50-Across classic: THECATCHER

24 "Star Trek" captain Jean-__ Picard: LUC

27 See 21-Across: INTHERYE

28 Dean's list no.: GPA

31 Number that's a square of itself: ONE

32 "Neither snow __ rain ... ": NOR

33 Tags on bags: IDS

34 Fishy bagel topper: LOX

35 Play sections: ACTS

37 Words repeated after "Whatever" in a Doris Day song: WILLBE

40 Halloween garb: CAPE

41 Because of: DUETO

43 With 59-Across, liver delicacy: FOIE

44 Tear up: SHRED

45 50-Across work featuring the two youngest Glass siblings: FRANNYANDZOOEY

48 "La Cage aux Folles," for one: FARCE

49 Come up: ARISE

50 Author born 1/1/1919: JDSALINGER

55 "Assuming that's true ... ": IFSO

58 John Roberts' group: Abbr.: SCOTUS

59 See 43-Across: GRAS

63 Having regrets about: RUING

65 Corn cover: HUSK

66 Kitchen strainer: SIEVE

67 Come to terms: AGREE

68 Title heroine in one of 50-Across' "Nine Stories": ESME

69 Trip around the sun: ORBIT

70 Adventurous expedition: QUEST

71 Like pink hair: DYED

72 And/or divider: SLASH


1 Bud 4 life: BFF

2 Broadcast: AIR

3 Cavs' org.: NBA

4 Camp shelter: TENT

5 Sea __: spiny critter: URCHIN

6 Really amaze: ELECTRIFY

7 "CBS This Morning" co-anchor O'Donnell: NORAH

8 Infuriated: IRATE

9 Gave details of: DESCRIBED

10 Baby food options: PUREES

11 Ride-sharing app: UBER

12 Messy hairdo: MOP

13 Bud: PAL

14 Farmyard pen: STY

22 Plenty, in old poems: ENOW

23 Jekyll's bad side: HYDE

24 "Get a __ of this!": LOAD

25 Release from shackles: UNCUFF

26 Part of etc.: CETERA

28 If-looks-could-kill looks: GLARES

29 Olive Oyl's guy: POPEYE

30 Used a hatchet on: AXED

36 Original co-host of "The View": STARJONES

38 Hawaii's Mauna __: LOA

39 "Mary Poppins Returns" actor __-Manuel Miranda: LIN

40 Miss singing on Sunday? CHOIRGIRL

42 Like some audiobooks: ONCD

44 Irritated: SORE

46 Bitter end? NESS

47 Turns abruptly: ZAGS

51 Throbbed: ACHED

52 Crummy: LOUSY

53 "I'm here": ITSME

54 Microwaved: NUKED

55 Baghdad's country: IRAQ

56 Japanese pufferfish: FUGU

57 Colt's father: SIRE

60 Country's McEntire: REBA

61 Rental car choice: AVIS

62 Actor Rogen: SETH

64 Understand: GET

66 Distress letters: SOS

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