LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tammany Hall caricaturist: NAST

5 Nursery buy: SHRUB

10 Trade jabs: SPAR

14 Accurate: TRUE

15 Discontinue: CEASE

16 100 centavos: PESO

17 Zeus' nickname for his relentlessly tenacious wife? HERATHEDOG

19 Rowing exercise targets: LATS

20 Gunk: CRUD

21 "Ciao __": long-running cooking show: ITALIA

23 Ginnie __: investments: MAES

24 Feasts: DINES

26 "What else do you expect from the god of the Underworld"? HADESGONNAHATE

31 1970s first family: FORDS

32 Partner, often: LOVER

33 At the moment: NOW

34 Major employer: ARMY

35 Feast where the Haggadah is read: SEDER

36 Penny-farthing, for one: BIKE

37 Vow avowal: IDO

38 Milky stones: OPALS

39 What "x" may mean: TIMES

40 Allows Persephone's mother to compete in a marathon? LETSDEMETERRUN

43 Windblown silt: LOESS

44 Purges: RIDS

45 Honda model: ACCORD

48 Keaton role in "The Founder": KROC

49 Uneven do: SHAG

50 How Spanish fighters refer to the Greek god of war? BUENOSARES

56 Prefix for an assistant: PARA

57 __ All: car care brand: ARMOR

58 2000 candidate: GORE

59 Tip-to-tip measure: SPAN

60 Fills to the gills: GLUTS

61 Microsoft browser: EDGE


1 __ degree: NTH

2 We may precede it, but I can't: ARE

3 Big __: SUR

4 Ceylon gunpowder container: TEACADDY

5 Go downhill fast: SCHUSS

6 Obey: HEED

7 "Way cool, dude!": RAD

8 GI entertainers: USO

9 One who has all the luck? BEGINNER

10 Amount of vermouth in a dry martini: SPLASH

11 Ring out: PEAL

12 Piedmont wine region: ASTI

13 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" detective Diaz: ROSA

18 Beech and peach: TREES

22 Something shed: TEAR

23 Burrowing rodent: MARMOT

24 Marginal drawings: DOODLES

25 Use money to make money: INVEST

26 Multitude: HORDE

27 Sparkles: GLEAMS

28 Bad blood: ANIMUS

29 T-Rex on a Monopoly board: TOKEN

30 Sources of Roquefort: EWES

31 Fall flat: FAIL

35 Fighter's training apparatus: SPEEDBAG

36 1996 Robin Williams comedy, with "The": BIRDCAGE

38 Gas leak tip-off: ODOR

39 Small combos: TRIOS

41 L'Oral's "Because We're Worth It," e.g.: SLOGAN

42 Bloopers: ERRORS

45 Nile serpents: ASPS

46 Dry and crack: CHAP

47 Delevingne of "Suicide Squad": CARA

48 Macram basic: KNOT

51 Business card letters: URL

52 Bird on Australian coins: EMU

53 Towel holder: ROD

54 Indoor rower, for short: ERG

55 Go out with: SEE

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