LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" quintet: IAMBS

6 Vietnamese soup: PHO

9 Country album? ATLAS

14 Sidewalk artist's supply: CHALK

15 Runner's circuit: LAP

16 Wince or flinch, say: REACT

17 Pub purchase: YARDOFALE

19 Follow: ENSUE

20 Produce providers: GROCERS

22 Prefix with angle: TRI

23 Me-time resorts: SPAS

26 Standard for a high seas villain: PIRATEFLAG

29 Part of UCLA: LOS

30 Trip letters: LSD

31 Onion rolls: BIALYS

32 Asia's __ Mountains: ALTAI

34 Four-time Emmy winner Woodard: ALFRE

35 Property insurance phrase: PERSONALEFFECTS

41 Kick off: START

42 You might hang one if you're lost: UTURN

43 "Get lost!": BEATIT

45 Up to, in ads: TIL

47 Hot __: TEA

48 1996 Gere thriller: PRIMALFEAR

50 Not superficial: DEEP

51 It may be checked at a station: OIL

52 Computer building game: SIMCITY

54 Go out at night? SLEEP

57 Kind of paper ... and a hint to a sequence, each starting with a different letter, found in four other puzzle answers: LOOSELEAF

61 Justice Kagan: ELENA

62 "Lou Grant" production co.: MTM

63 2011 title cowboy chameleon: RANGO

64 "SOS" and "Help!": SONGS

65 Red __: SEA

66 Last part of many a book: INDEX


1 Needing salt, maybe: ICY

2 "Now I get it!": AHA

3 Blemish: MAR

4 Campus units: Abbr.: BLDGS

5 Hershey toffee bar: SKOR

6 Composed: PLACID

7 More healthy: HALER

8 In working order: OPERABLE

9 Modern art? ARE

10 Highest Scrabble tile point value: TEN

11 In conclusion: LASTLY

12 Luxury cars since 1986: ACURAS

13 "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble" author William: STEIG

18 Dandy dressers: FOPS

21 Leave zip for a tip: STIFF

23 High-five, e.g.: SLAP

24 Gondolier's implement: POLE

25 Subj. for Neil deGrasse Tyson: ASTR

27 Severe scolding: EARFUL

28 Admiral's command: FLEET

30 Ray who played "Shoeless Joe" Jackson in "Field of Dreams": LIOTTA

33 Indian tea region: ASSAM

34 Genre modifier: ALT

36 Manicurist's targets: NAILS

37 Small-theater movies: ARTFILMS

38 Like cat videos: CUTE

39 Genealogist's chart: TREE

40 Pic: SNAP

43 Scrubber brand: BRILLO

44 Astronaut Collins, first female Space Shuttle commander: EILEEN

45 Airport sharer with Seattle: TACOMA

46 Crocus cousin: IRIS

48 Runway array: POSES

49 Chew the scenery: EMOTE

50 Musician who was the 2016 Literature Nobelist: DYLAN

53 Actress Hatcher: TERI

55 U.K. part: ENG

56 Faux __: PAS

58 Conclude: END

59 What candles may measure: AGE

60 Kit's parent: FOX

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