LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 1 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wines that can be white or red: PINOTS

7 Greetings: HIS

10 Lighthouse view: SEA

13 Widely recognized: ICONIC

14 Sleep on it: SERTA

16 Immediate caregiver, briefly: EMT

17 Highlighted publication part: CENTERSPREAD

19 "All Things Considered" airer: NPR

20 Mongrel: CUR

21 Brest bestie: AMIE

22 Howe of hockey: GORDIE

24 Singer DiFranco: ANI

25 Halves of some master-servant relationships: GENII

27 Little pitchers have big ones, per an old maxim: EARS

28 Pioneering computer: ENIAC

30 Stick-in-the-mud: WETBLANKET

33 Cabbage: MOOLAH

35 Insect stage: IMAGO

36 Quarterback Roethlisberger: BEN

37 Nice and easy: NOHASSLE

40 Degree for Dr. Oz: MBA

43 Southwestern lizards: GILAS

44 Traveling from gig to gig: ONTOUR

46 Score keeper? SHEETMUSIC

51 Takes care of: TENDS

52 Boss of fashion: HUGO

53 Procedures involving suction, familiarly: LIPOS

55 FDR agency: NRA

56 "How nice!": IMGLAD

59 Bridge, e.g.: GAME

60 Dandy: FOP

61 Sought office: RAN

62 What narcs may do ... or what can literally be found in three pairs of puzzle answers: GOUNDERCOVER

66 "Microsoft sound" composer: ENO

67 Meanies: OGRES

68 Result of a big hit: BRUISE

69 Circle div.: SEG

70 Vicious of the Sex Pistols: SID

71 Levels of society: STRATA


1 Short movie? PIC

2 Quebec Winter Carnival race vehicle: ICECANOE

3 Like some workers in an open shop: NONUNION

4 Seeking exoneration, in a way: ONTRIAL

5 Deadlock: TIE

6 Skinny sort: SCRAG

7 "I found the place!": HEREITIS

8 Wrath: IRE

9 Deer fellow: STAG

10 "Where the Wild Things Are" author: SENDAK

11 Rome, once: EMPIRE

12 Not moving: ATREST

14 Chiropractor's concern: SPINE

15 Bother: ADO

18 Fish-eating duck: SMEW

23 Truckee Meadows city: RENO

26 Pioneering PCs: IBMS

28 Diplomatic HQ: EMB

29 "Oh, be quiet!": CANIT

31 Composer Schifrin: LALO

32 Secret Service title: AGENT

34 Fighter Holly who ended Ronda Rousey's undefeated streak: HOLM

38 Schlep: HAUL

39 Given as homework: ASSIGNED

40 African capital named for an American president: MONROVIA

41 Capital on the Danube: BUDAPEST

42 Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS

43 Natural sci.: GEOL

45 "Copy that": TENFOUR

46 British counties: SHIRES

47 Compassionate: HUMANE

48 Creamy quaff: EGGNOG

49 Popular tablets: IPADS

50 Show up: COME

54 Some Croatians: SERBS

57 In the past: AGO

58 Ballpark fare: DOGS

63 The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf.: URI

64 Old PC component: CRT

65 Blues-rocker Chris: REA

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