LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 1 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 1 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Luxurious ease: BEDOFROSES

11 Slangily admit, with "to": COP

14 See 3-Down: YOUWOULDNT

15 What you see hear? TYPO

16 Plays the nice guy? ENDSUPLAST

17 Fins: ABES

18 Mariner's hdg.: SSE

19 Security issue: LEAK

20 Eponymous diplomat Lord St __, friend of explorer George Vancouver: HELENS

22 Peters out: DIES

23 Treading water, so to speak: NOWORSE

24 Quakers in forests? ASPENS

27 Harlequin output: ROMANCES

28 '90s Rather co-anchor: CHUNG

29 Caribbean native: CUBAN

30 Univ. mentors: RAS

31 Chlo┼Ż fragrance maker: COTY

32 Angel in Venezuela? FALLS

33 Soup made with stock called dashi: MISO

34 Pollution monitoring gp.: EPA

35 Blender button: PUREE

36 Thing that's spread: RUMOR

37 Dressed for the beach, perhaps: SANDALED

39 Symbols seen in pairs, briefly: PARENS

40 How condemnation is expressed: SHARPLY

41 __ job: DESK

42 Set upon: COMEAT

43 Jive: JOSH

44 Show with a Miami spin-off: CSI

47 Designer Cassini: OLEG

48 Response to a con: IVEBEENHAD

51 Morse sounds: DITS

52 Choose not to continue: LETITSLIDE

53 Prefix with conscious: ECO

54 Close talks: TETEATETES


1 Passes at a tournament: BYES

2 Long, long time: EONS

3 With 14-Across, "Bro, no!": DUDE

4 Cries of pain: OWS

5 It may result in free throws: FOULING

6 Nepalese money: RUPEES

7 Widemouthed stewpots: OLLAS

8 Badlands Natl. Park's state: SDAK

9 Navy lt.'s subordinate: ENS

10 Charlotte Amalie's island: STTHOMAS

11 Phishing, e.g.: CYBERCRIME

12 Time to hunt: OPENSEASON


15 Hawk's claw: TALON

21 Obi-Wan portrayer: EWAN

22 Repudiate: DENY

23 __ gas: NOBLE

24 It'll get you in: ACCESSCODE

25 Mall portmanteau: SHOPAHOLIC

26 Label, as feelings: PUTANAMETO

27 Dominated: RULED

29 1990 Best New Artist Grammy winner: CAREY

32 At high speed: FULLTILT

33 Gloom: MURK

35 __ John's Pizza: PAPA

36 Least prudent: RASHEST

38 Settled matter: DREGS

39 Former Spanish coin: PESETA

41 Guard dog originally bred in Germany, familiarly: DOBIE

43 Singer with The Blackhearts: JETT

44 Gambler's marker: CHIT

45 Marquis de __: SADE

46 June 13, e.g.: IDES

49 Migration flight pattern: VEE

50 Marlins' MLB div.: NLE

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