LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 1 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Antacid brand named for the organ it soothes: TUMS

5 "Same as always, bartender," with "the": USUAL

10 Slow-cooked dish: STEW

14 Cognac letters: VSOP

15 Size above medium: LARGE

16 Frosty coating: HOAR

17 *Where hockey punishments are served: PENALTYBOX

19 Jason's ship: ARGO

20 Situation lacking clarity: GRAYAREA

21 Selling point: ASSET

22 *Local retailer: CORNERSTORE

25 Sharp-wittedness: ACUMEN

29 Spanish painter Francisco: GOYA

30 Part of "Hey Jude" that lasts nearly four minutes: CODA

31 Slavic prefix: SERBO

33 Intel missions: OPS

36 *Insignificant amount: DROPINTHEBUCKET

40 MSNBC rival: CNN

41 Damp: MOIST

42 Info in a folder: FILE

43 Highlands native: GAEL

44 In the arms of Morpheus: ASLEEP

46 *Car rooftop attachment for a Schwinn: BICYCLERACK

51 Febreze targets: ODORS

52 Like a very close relationship: INTIMATE

57 Scarlett's plantation: TARA

58 Reinvigorates, as an economy ... or a hint to the beginnings of the answers to starred clues: KICKSTARTS

60 Gab: CHAT

61 WWII bomber __ Gay: ENOLA

62 Lock openers: KEYS

63 Putter's target: HOLE

64 Post-workout pains: ACHES

65 Norwegian capital: OSLO


1 Freq. sitcom rating: TVPG

2 One logging on: USER

3 "__ Lisa": MONA

4 Fix, vet-style: SPAY

5 "Avengers: Age of __" (2015): ULTRON

6 Ending with nay or sooth: SAYER

7 Citified: URBAN

8 Gone by: AGO

9 Evil Luthor: LEX

10 Soda named for a California mountain: SHASTA

11 Trunk of the body: TORSO

12 Raring to go: EAGER

13 "Murder, She __": WROTE

18 Delicate fabric: LACE

21 Words before wish or were: ASYOU

23 "Snowy" heron: EGRET

24 Eddard Stark's heir on "Game of Thrones": ROBB

25 "High Voltage" band: ACDC

26 On-the-cob veggie: CORN

27 Japanese noodle: UDON

28 Image in an atlas: MAP

31 Subway entrance: STILE

32 "Say what?" sounds: EHS

33 Texan's neighbor: OKIE

34 Legendary soccer star: PELE

35 Ladder rung: STEP

37 Apple desktops: IMACS

38 Holiday carol: NOEL

39 Calgary Stampeders' org.: CFL

43 Swing one's hips: GYRATE

44 Plays the role of: ACTSAS

45 Amusing sketch: SKIT

46 Bungle: BOTCH

47 Boise's state: IDAHO

48 Reef material: CORAL

49 Big name in copiers: RICOH

50 Bracelet spot: ANKLE

53 Speedy shark: MAKO

54 Greek god of war: ARES

55 Texter's sign-off: TTYL

56 Standard Oil brand: ESSO

58 Mauna __: KEA

59 Business mag: INC

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