LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Object from a much earlier time: RELIC

6 Wild guesses: STABS

11 "__ Blinded Me With Science": 1983 hit: SHE

14 Barn-raising sect: AMISH

15 14-inch paper size: LEGAL

16 Triumphed: WON

17 Machine Gun Kelly or Pretty Boy Floyd: PUBLICENEMY

19 JFK posting: ETD

20 Slipped up: ERRED

21 Bit of staircase babyproofing: GATE

22 Musician's asset: EAR

25 Former name of Denver's Ball Arena: PEPSICENTER

29 Pests whose name means "fly" in a Bantu language: TSETSES

31 "Bottomless" brunch drinks: MIMOSAS

32 Melt: THAW

33 Wildly excited: MANIC

34 Breathtaking regimen? AEROBICEXERCISE

41 Strand at the airport, say: FOGIN

42 Worked the soil: HOED

43 Very few: NOTALOT

46 Like some decorative glass: STAINED

49 Underwater shocker: ELECTRICEEL

51 One with a code name: SPY

52 Bordeaux, say: WINE

53 Loads: HEAPS

55 Longoria of "Desperate Housewives": EVA

56 Get a delicate dialogue started ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 34- and 49-Across: BREAKTHEICE

62 Transgression: SIN

63 Flat contract: LEASE

64 Quell: ALLAY

65 Bit of ink: TAT

66 Spud: TATER

67 Soothing balm: SALVE


1 Missy Elliott genre: RAP

2 Big Aussie bird: EMU

3 Women's __: LIB

4 Key in the water: ISLE

5 Tweets: CHIRPS

6 Goes into low-power mode: SLEEPS

7 Cares for, as a garden: TENDS

8 Mature: AGE

9 Loud comics sound: BAM

10 Foxy: SLY

11 Jogging wear: SWEATS

12 Soothing cuppa: HOTTEA

13 See 24-Down: ENDERS

18 Manitoba tribe: CREE

21 Italian dumplings: GNOCCHI

22 R&B great James: ETTA

23 Activist and tennis legend Arthur: ASHE

24 With 13-Down, collisions from behind: REAR

26 Big-screen format: IMAX

27 Cannes subject: CINE

28 Qatari leader: EMIR

30 Batman villain who carries a double-headed coin: TWOFACE

33 R&B's Boyz II __: MEN

35 Hightail it: BOLT

36 Horror movie helper: IGOR

37 Big name in banking: CITI

38 + or - particles: IONS

39 Slip slowly through the cracks: SEEP

40 Whirlpool: EDDY

43 State-of-the-art: NEWEST

44 "Booksmart" director Wilde: OLIVIA

45 Renter: TENANT

46 Explorer: SEEKER

47 Suckling spot: TEAT

48 Top dogs: ALPHAS

50 Run after: CHASE

54 "Sisters" star Ward: SELA

56 Sandwich letters: BLT

57 Stephen of "V for Vendetta": REA

58 Put away: EAT

59 Under the weather: ILL

60 LeBron until 2010, for short: CAV

61 Private __: EYE

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