LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 1 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 1 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 1 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 They cross in sights: HAIRS

6 "Hmm ... ": LETSSEE

13 Aetna competitor: HUMANA

19 Store, as fodder: ENSILE

21 Giving it one's all, theatrically: EMOTING

22 In-groups: ELITES

23 Battery terminal-related: ANODAL

24 Film VIP's influence? DIRECTORSCLOUT

26 Passport extension, say: RENEWAL

28 Lacking face value: NOPAR

29 Eroded: ATEINTO

30 Granola tidbit: OAT

31 Bookmarked item: PAGE

33 Official motorcade protection: ESCORT

35 Derision of a parade entry? FLOATSHAMING

41 "Dancing With the Stars" judge Goodman: LEN

42 "__ one, think ... ": IFOR

46 Transvaal settlers: BOERS

47 More in order: NEATER

49 "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" rhyme scheme: AABA

50 Tax return? REFUND

53 Orbital point: APOGEE

54 Performed in the street for tips, in London: BUSKED

56 Give an address: ORATE

57 Calligrapher specializing in punctuation? COLONARTIST

60 Frozen Wasser: EIS

61 Unilever men's brand: BRUT

62 Check writers: PAYERS

63 Surgical inserts: STENTS

65 Biological groups: TAXA

66 Not rented: UNLET

67 "__ espa–ol?": HABLA

70 Thin batteries: AAAS

72 Pats or Jags: NFLERS

74 Roof window: DORMER

75 It parallels the radius: ULNA

76 Blood test letters: HDL

77 Hardwood seller's markup? FLOORPROFIT

81 Supply: STOCK

82 WWII threats: UBOATS

84 Starts the pool game: BREAKS

85 Cactus features: SPINES

86 One may be common: NOUN

87 Rhythm instrument usually played in pairs: MARACA

88 Israelite patriarch: ISAAC

90 Banks on a runway: TYRA

91 Nocturnal acronym: REM

92 Period when Lindsay ruled? LOHANDYNASTY

97 Clothing giant that's lost an article over the years: THEGAP

100 Daughter-in-law of 88-Across: LEAH

101 Fair-hiring letters: EOE

102 Two-handled Greek vase: AMPHORA

105 Davis of "Dr. Dolittle": OSSIE

109 Former tykes' clothing chain: KIDSRUS

112 "Two Women" actress teaming up with a cartoon cat? LOIENANDSTIMPY

115 Tot's foot: TOOTSY

116 Lincoln Center landmark, familiarly: THEMET

117 Elemental variant: ISOTOPE

118 Reduced: ONSALE

119 Gamer's venue: ARCADE

120 Ski report highlight: NEWSNOW

121 Softens: EASES


1 Learn about: HEAROF

2 Temper: ANNEAL

3 Knows about: ISONTO

4 Disney World attraction: RIDE

5 Side for a dog: SLAW

6 Commanded: LED

7 "Lose Yourself" rapper: EMINEM

8 Barcelona bull: TORO

9 Part of a process: STEP

10 Italian Neorealism film pioneer Vittorio De __: SICA

11 Between, to Berlioz: ENTRE

12 It may be inflated: EGO

13 Ben-Hur portrayer: HESTON

14 Stomach woe: ULCER

15 Armed forces units: MILITIAS

16 Heaps: ATON

17 Like Switz. in WWII: NEUT

18 Concerning: ASTO

20 Went by: ELAPSED

25 Indy competitor: RACER

27 Cowardly Lion portrayer: LAHR

32 Road trip need: GAS

34 Wintry pellets: SLEET

36 Boundary: ABUTTAL

37 Musical pitch: TONE

38 Tied up at the harbor: INPORT

39 Bright signs: NEONS

40 Lady of song: GAGA

43 Prosthetic eagle claw? FAKETALON

44 Bow or curtsy: OBEISANCE

45 X-ray doses: RADS

48 Thrice, in Rx's: TER

50 Part of RFK, briefly: ROBT

51 Gofer guy: ERRANDBOY

52 Imitation semolina? FAUXFLOUR

53 Sheltered, at sea: ALEE

54 Bright, blue-white heavenly body: BSTAR

55 Multi-purpose vehicle, briefly: UTE

57 Playground retort: CANSO

58 Toondom's Olive: OYL

59 Key: ISLET

62 Knitting loops: PURLS

64 Izod competitor: NAUTICA

67 What the Wonderland caterpillar smokes: HOOKAH

68 Sounds from pounds: ARFS

69 Dietitian's calc.: BMI

71 Fifth Avenue retailer: SAKS

73 Pond dweller: EFT

74 Harsh Athenian lawmaker: DRACO

76 Pursuit: HUNT

78 President who appointed Justice Kagan: OBAMA

79 Educ. basics: RRR

80 Toll: PEAL

81 Hand measurement: SPAN

83 Cursed thing: ANATHEMA

85 Greet informally: SAYHITO

87 Fox of "Transformers": MEGAN

88 Like Vivaldi's "Spring": INE

89 The Missouri R. runs through it: SDAK

91 Upgrade, as on Yelp: RERATE

93 City of NW Syria: ALEPPO

94 Perfect Sleepers, e.g.: SERTAS

95 Rumple: TOUSLE

96 "Absolutely!": YESYES

98 Refined: HONED

99 Entourage: POSSE

102 Utah ski resort: ALTA

103 "Jerry Maguire" actor Jay: MOHR

104 Occurring before: Abbr.: PIEC

106 Put in a hold: STOW

107 Watches tykes: SITS

108 "It's showtime!": IMON

110 Cooked: DONE

111 Slugger Sammy: SOSA

113 Hubbub: DIN

114 Red-berried tree: YEW

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