LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 1 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Nannies and billies: GOATS

6 Skylit courtyards: ATRIA

11 Toyota Prius, e.g.: CAR

14 Tin Pan __: ALLEY

15 Transactions with interest: LOANS

16 Pub pour: ALE

17 *Data transmission science: FIBEROPTICS

19 Khaki-colored: TAN

20 Pedal pusher: FOOT

21 Full moon, e.g.: PHASE

22 Cartoon maker of iron bird seed: ACME

23 Salinger teen who says, "I prefer stories about squalor": ESME

24 *Elementary school fundraiser: TALENTSHOW

26 Whistle blower: REF

28 Piece for three instruments: TRIO

29 They're often pop-ups: ADS

32 Major artery: AORTA

36 Irritate: ANNOY

39 Quick swim: DIP

40 Fell behind: TRAILED

42 Golf ball holder: TEE

43 Stockpile: AMASS

45 Dig deeply (into): DELVE

46 Pigs out (on), briefly: ODS

47 Blacken in a pan: CHAR

49 Dictator Amin: IDI

51 *Rank for TV's Columbo: LIEUTENANT

56 "Shoo!": SCAT

60 The "I" in MIT: Abbr.: INST

61 Ceremonial conical structure: TEPEE

62 Tra-__: refrain syllables: LALA

63 "__, humbug!": BAH

64 Track meet infractions ... or short words hiding at the beginning of the answers to starred clues: FALSESTARTS

66 Musician Brian: ENO

67 Had the flu, say: AILED

68 Cove, e.g.: INLET

69 Tennis do-over: LET

70 Sanctify: BLESS

71 Love to pieces: ADORE


1 Faux pas: GAFFE

2 Mixed bags: OLIOS

3 "Tuesdays With Morrie" author Mitch: ALBOM

4 Wobble: TEETER

5 Leb. neighbor: SYR

6 A, as in Athens: ALPHA

7 Invoice word: TOTAL

8 Employee's reward: RAISE

9 Motivate: INCENT

10 Biblical beast of burden: ASS

11 Not be fooled by: CATCHONTO

12 San Antonio mission: ALAMO

13 Continue to subscribe: RENEW

18 Decide on: OPTFOR

22 Z __ zebra: ASIN

25 Swapped: TRADED

27 Patronizes, as a restaurant: EATSAT

29 Oral health org.: ADA

30 Not bright, as a light: DIM

31 Many a NASA mission: SPACESHOT

33 "Far out, dude!": RAD

34 White-__: formal: TIE

35 Every one: ALL

37 Ref. work that added "YOLO" in 2016: OED

38 Proposer's preferred response: YES

41 Paperless party announcements: EVITES

44 "__ up!": "Quiet!": SHUT

48 Sell directly to the consumer: RETAIL

50 Manhattan or Staten: ISLAND

51 Defame in print: LIBEL

52 Foolish: INANE

53 Woman's name backward or forward: NELLE

54 Vaulted alcoves: APSES

55 Requirements: NEEDS

57 Monte __: CARLO

58 Raise a hemline on, say: ALTER

59 Sample, as food: TASTE

64 Tide alternative: FAB

65 Spanish aunt: TIA

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