LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 1 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gaming site whose machines originally took pennies: ARCADE

7 Invite (to): ASK

10 Serve, as coffee: POUR

14 Jumped: LEAPED

15 Wide-angle view: PANORAMA

17 Mom or dad: PARENT

18 Sequence of missed calls: PHONETAG

19 Pitcher's control, say: ASSET

20 Wood-splitting tool: AXE

21 Place for Oreos: COOKIEJAR

25 Extra: SPARE

30 New England cape: ANN

31 Fountain offerings: SODAS

33 When tied NFL games may be decided: INOT

34 Spanish folk hero: ELCID

36 Does some self-grooming, as a bird: PREENS

38 Let it slide: LOOKTHEOTHERWAY

42 Counsel: ADVISE

43 Things one can't do without: NEEDS

44 Bearing: MIEN

45 Salt or fresh follower: WATER

47 Mayo, por ejemplo: MES

50 North Atlantic hazards: BERGS

52 Wallet or purse alternative: MONEYBELT

55 "What was __ do?": ITO

57 Lord's home: MANOR

58 Fashionable group ... and what the starts of 18-, 21-, 38- and 52-Across form: SMARTSET

63 Barely manage, with "by": SCRAPE

64 Lone Ranger, to Tonto: KEMOSABE

65 Kitchen appliances: RANGES

66 Inside scoop: INFO

67 Force (through), as legislation: RAM

68 Evaluate: ASSESS


1 Andes grazer: ALPACA

2 Motive: REASON

3 Novelist McCullers: CARSON

4 Sneak __: look secretly: APEEK

5 Teeth: Pref.: DENTI

6 Georgia summer hrs.: EDT

7 Uber or Lyft: APP

8 African desert: SAHARA

9 Kentucky fort: KNOX

10 Eminent leader? PRE

11 Cereal grain: OAT

12 Thurman of "Pulp Fiction": UMA

13 Torn old shirt, perhaps: RAG

16 Small bills: ONES

22 Avoid: ESCHEW

23 __ de vivre: JOIE

24 Expand, as a house: ADDONTO

26 Places to fish from: PIERS

27 From the beginning: ANEW

28 Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA

29 Website featuring crafts: ETSY

32 Ball shape: SPHERE

34 Barely managing, with "by": EKING

35 Sgt.'s superiors: LTS

37 Color suggesting anger: RED

38 Mary's was little: LAMB

39 Drooling comics dog: ODIE

40 Done: OVER

41 High schooler, usually: TEEN

46 Microscopic organism: AMOEBA

47 Household, from the French: MENAGE

48 Marries in secret: ELOPES

49 Emphasize: STRESS

51 Remains on the shelf: SITS

53 Some youth ctrs.: YMCAS

54 Structures raised by Amish: BARNS

56 Peter the Great, e.g.: TSAR

58 Enjoy Aspen: SKI

59 Chess pieces: MEN

60 Big initials in bowling: AMF

61 Friend of Pooh: ROO

62 President pro __: TEM

63 Mexican Mrs.: SRA

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