LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 May 2018

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Los Angeles Times 1 May 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 May 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Goldman's partner: SACHS

6 Socially awkward sort: DORK

10 Potter's material: CLAY

14 Voyager 1, e.g.: PROBE

15 Like James Bond antagonists: EVIL

16 With 11-Down, 2016 almost-Oscar-winning movie: LALA

17 Screen legend Flynn: ERROL

18 *Tuna eater's tool, maybe: CANOPENER

20 Neither's partner: NOR

21 Boxing ref's decision: TKO

23 Worked, as dough: KNEADED

24 *Eyebrow-plucking tool: TWEEZERS

27 Family room: DEN

28 Captain's group: CREW

29 Spring shape: COIL

31 Lottery ticket purchase, essentially: BET

34 Michaelmas daisy: ASTER

36 *Shape of rotini pasta: CORKSCREW

38 Trendy: CHIC

39 Sixth __: intuition: SENSE

40 Émile who wrote "J'Accuse...!": ZOLA

41 *Cocktail frank stabber: TOOTHPICK

43 "Miracle on 34th Street" store: MACYS

44 Thor, to Odin: SON

45 Its football team has played Harvard 134 times: YALE

46 Grand Marquis, for short: MERC

47 2100, to Augustus: MMC

48 *Loser to rock, beater of paper: SCISSORS

52 Adjusted (to): ATTUNED

56 Dorm mgrs.: RAS

57 "Ben-Hur" author Wallace: LEW

58 With 60-Across, contraption that usually includes the answers to the starred clues: SWISSARMY

60 See 58-Across: KNIFE

62 Pub size: PINT

63 "The World According to __": GARP

64 Concave navel: INNIE

65 Not leave: STAY

66 Leave: EXIT

67 Surprising plot development: TWIST


1 Used up: SPENT

2 Cursor shape: ARROW

3 Proofer's change: CORRECTION

4 "Game of Thrones" network: HBO

5 Soda water: SELTZER

6 Interior designer's concern: DECOR

7 Eggs, to a biologist: OVA

8 Hockey venue: RINK

9 Yukon gold rush region: KLONDIKE

10 Wash the dirt off: CLEAN

11 See 16-Across: LAND

12 Protected at sea: ALEE

13 Three feet: YARD

19 Banana leftovers: PEELS

22 Royal Botanic Gardens locale: KEW

25 Build: ERECT

26 Wall-mounted light fixtures: SCONCES

30 Ural River city: ORSK

31 Hybrid green veggie with small florets: BROCCOLINI

32 Slippery: EELY

33 "__ the night before ... ": TWAS

34 Play divisions: ACTS

35 "Go away!": SHOO

36 Finish the top of, as a room: CEIL

37 Business magnates: CZARS

39 Era that began with Sputnik: SPACEAGE

42 Church songs: HYMNS

43 Soldier's cooking supplies: MESSKIT

46 Actress Farrow: MIA

47 In need of air freshener: MUSTY

49 Burial chamber: CRYPT

50 Int.-reducing mortgages: REFIS

51 Like sugar: SWEET

52 Egyptian snakes: ASPS

53 Foolish one: TWIT

54 Funny Fey: TINA

55 "The Destroyer" of Marvel Comics: DRAX

59 Med. scan: MRI

61 Opposite of SSE: NNW

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