LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 1 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 1 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Indonesian resort island: BALI

5 Champagne flute part: STEM

9 Provide with lodging: PUTUP

14 Australian export: OPAL

15 Hilo feast: LUAU

16 "SNL" alum Cheri: OTERI

17 Lack of propriety: INDECORUM

19 Link: TIEIN

20 Marshal at Waterloo: NEY

21 Solo played by Harrison Ford and Alden Ehrenreich: HAN

22 Fly off the shelves: SELL

24 Producing a direct electric current: GALVANIC

27 Colorado town that means "town" in Spanish: PUEBLO

31 Tel Aviv's land: Abbr.: ISR

32 Pre-exam feeling, if you didn't study: PANIC

34 Brain scan letters: EEG

35 Clog kin: SABOT

37 Down with something: SICK

38 Short, for short: LIL

39 Brunch serving: CREPE

40 "Huh?": WHA

41 Sweetly, to Solti: DOLCE

43 Part of HRH: HER

44 Campus mil. group: ROTC

46 Out of favor: INBAD

47 "Dig in!": EAT

48 In one fell __: SWOOP

50 Paleo- opposite: NEO

51 Source of theatrical fog: DRYICE

53 "I'm qualified, too!": WHYNOTME

57 "Gotcha": AHSO

59 Bonanza find: ORE

60 1960s chess champ Mikhail: TAL

61 Historic Texas landmark: ALAMO

64 Book's epilogue: AFTERWORD

67 "The Hobbit" hero: BILBO

68 Hoops shot: HOOK

69 French friend: AMIE

70 Creeping critter: SNAIL

71 __ Major: URSA

72 Old autocrat: TSAR


1 Spring sound: BOING

2 Sleep clinic study: APNEA

3 *Many Northeast tourists look up to her: LADYLIBERTY

4 Paris's __ de la CitŽ: ILE

5 "McSorley's Bar" painter: SLOAN

6 Root vegetable: TURNIP

7 __ Claire, Wisconsin: EAU

8 Rose Parade flowers: MUMS

9 *Bring-a-dish event: POTLUCKDINNER

10 Serving a purpose: UTILE

11 Links supporter? TEE

12 Ocean State sch.: URI

13 Debit card code: PIN

18 *Controversial educational institution: CHARTERSCHOOL

23 Awesome: EPIC

25 Brandy bottle abbr.: VSOP

26 *Real moneymaker: CASHCOW

28 Retro pants, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: BELLBOTTOMS

29 German camera: LEICA

30 Eyed inappropriately: OGLED

33 Long of "Empire": NIA

35 Timetable: Abbr.: SCHED

36 Backward, shipwise: AREAR

40 Geneva-based commerce gp.: WTO

42 Basie's "__'Clock Jump": ONEO

45 Has to pay: OWES

49 Snaps: PHOTOS

52 Frost-y feet? IAMBI

54 California town wrongly thought to be named from a backwards "bakery" sign: YREKA

55 "The Sound: MARIA

56 Church leader: ELDER

58 Maui neighbor: OAHU

61 Muscles seen at Muscle Beach: ABS

62 Architect Maya __: LIN

63 Montgomery's st.: ALA

65 In favor of: FOR

66 Angkor __: Cambodian temple: WAT

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