LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kia sedan: OPTIMA

7 Nincompoop: SAPHEAD

14 Made dapper, with "up": SPRUCED

15 Syrupy stuff: TREACLE

16 1957 title role for Michael Landon: TEENAGEWEREWOLF

18 Lays to rest: INTERS

19 Recipient of unearned income, perhaps: HEIR

20 Teammate of Babe: LOU

21 Lash with a bullwhip: LARUE

22 Like jawbreakers: HARD

23 Mountain __: soft drinks: DEWS

24 "Wheel" deal: TRIP

25 November honorees: VETS

26 Range rovers? POSSE

27 Sub mission site: SEA

28 Law __: FIRM

29 Mekong River native: LAO

30 One on many covers since 1954: ALFREDENEUMAN

35 Showed the way: LED

36 Cry: WAIL

37 Some govt. hospitals: VAS

39 Eponymous musical revue of 1978: EUBIE

42 Downsides: CONS

43 1995 comet spotter Thomas: BOPP

44 In a tussle: ATIT

45 10-year-old adventurer who was 7 when she debuted in 2000: DORA

46 Group taking power by force: JUNTA

47 Sink: SAG

48 Othello, for one: MOOR

49 Lacking color: PALLID

50 Show that has appeared in various versions for six decades: THENEWLYWEDGAME

53 "Pork fat rules!" chef: LAGASSE

54 Smokey's target: SPEEDER

55 One way alternative? ANOTHER

56 Square-burgers server: WENDYS


1 Place to go fly a kite: OPENAREA

2 Like some hearings: PRETRIAL

3 Cause of purring? TUNEUP

4 Words of sympathy: ICARE

5 Parts of gigs: MEGS

6 Lemon finish: ADE

7 Follows directions? STEERS

8 Ban competitor: ARRID

9 One in a jury box: PEER

10 Equivocate: HAW

11 They give lessons in French: ECOLES

12 Permits: ALLOWS

13 Neutralize: DEFUSE

14 Uplifting things: STILTS

17 30-Across catchphrase: WHATMEWORRY

22 Trail mix? HERD

23 Marvel doctor: DOOM

25 Competed: VIED

26 Simon with songs: PAUL

28 __ ride: FREE

29 Waikiki neckwear: LEIS

31 Move like a hummingbird: FLIT

32 Pan pooch: NANA

33 Peripatetic bell ringer: AVONLADY

34 Breaks for sitters: NAPTIMES

38 "The Blacklist" star: SPADER

39 Calif. barrio region: EASTLA

40 Jazz fan? UTAHAN

41 Problem in an ensemble: BIGEGO

42 Tailgating sight: COOLER

43 Stuck out: BULGED

45 Seek out water: DOWSE

46 Actor/rapper Smith: JADEN

48 Dovetail: MESH

49 First name in smelly romantics: PEPE

51 __ Geo: cable channel: NAT

52 Denver-to-Vegas dir.: WSW

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