LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 1 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fisherman's __: waterfront district in San Francisco: WHARF

6 Police HQ alerts: APBS

10 Sushi bar sauce: SOY

13 Swiss mathematician: EULER

14 Soft palate dangler: UVULA

15 "t," in "btw": THE

16 Golf tournament won by Shane Lowry in 2019: BRITISHOPEN

18 Cavity-fighting org.: ADA

19 "Easy Rider" actor: DENNISHOPPER

21 eharmony profile part: BIO

24 Entry point: DOOR

25 With 31-Across, "The Aviator" Oscar nominee: ALAN

26 Maxim: OLDSAW

28 Pequod crew: WHALERS

31 See 25-Across: ALDA

32 Tidy (up): SPRUCE

34 Stocking experts, and what 16-, 19-, 51- and 57-Across literally are: SHOPKEEPERS

38 Give as a task: ASSIGN

39 Office notice: MEMO

42 Govt. drug bust, perhaps: FBIRAID

45 Post-workout refresher: SHOWER

47 __ mater: ALMA

48 TriBeCa neighbor: SOHO

50 "__ Blinded Me With Science": 1983 hit: SHE

51 Baltimore-based medical school: JOHNSHOPKINS

56 "Sands of __ Jima": 1949 film: IWO

57 "Fingers crossed!": HERESHOPING

61 Country star McGraw: TIM

62 Gas brand BP relaunched in 2017: AMOCO

63 Less prevalent: RARER

64 Had chips, say: ATE

65 Fail to notice: MISS

66 Washington, e.g.: STATE


1 Spider's creation: WEB

2 "Ben-__": HUR

3 Baba in a cave: ALI

4 No longer working: Abbr.: RETD

5 Curly-haired "Peanuts" character: FRIEDA

6 To have, in Paris: AVOIR

7 Baby seals: PUPS

8 "Yuck!": BLEH

9 Twins infielder Miguel: SANO

10 Rice, in Chinese cuisine: STAPLE

11 "My goodness!": OHDEAR

12 Hankers (for): YEARNS

14 "Hmm ... not likely": UHNO

17 Winter flakes: SNOW

20 Capital of Sicily: PALERMO

21 Fluffy wrap: BOA

22 "__ be darned!": ILL

23 Vegas calculation: ODDS

27 Like most of northern Africa: SAHARAN

28 Little songbird: WREN

29 Drillmaster's syllable: HUP

30 Opening day pitcher, typically: ACE

32 Icy road worry: SKID

33 Cribbage piece: PEG

35 Mama bear, in Seville: OSA

36 Omega preceder: PSI

37 Puts a Singer to work: SEWS

40 "Not really a fan": MEH

41 Mined metal: ORE

42 Sizzling Tex-Mex fare: FAJITA

43 Fail epically: BLOWIT

44 Shout from the foyer: IMHOME

45 __ Tzu: toy dog: SHIH

46 Advanced student's course: HONORS

48 Contractor's parameters: SPECS

49 "Yeah, and ... ?": OKSO

52 Fancy pillowcase: SHAM

53 Prefix with sphere: HEMI

54 Gold medals, to Spaniards: OROS

55 Quarrel: SPAT

58 Nest egg acronym: IRA

59 "Nothing but __": "Swish!": NET

60 College sr.'s test: GRE

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