LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 1 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 1 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Old storyteller: BARD

5 __ value: FACE

9 Worthless stuff: DROSS

14 Eager: AVID

15 Muslim community leader: IMAM

16 Time of one's life: YOUTH


20 Female bighorn: EWE

21 Ensign __ Crusher, Wil Wheaton's "Star Trek: TNG" role: WESLEY

22 Tasteless gruel: SLOP

23 Trio from Don Giovanni? ENS

24 Flow slowly: SEEP

26 Manage, with "out": EKE

27 Parachute attachment: HARNESS

31 Like "it," grammatically: NEUTER


36 Note from the office: MEMO

37 Buddy: PAL

38 Mild Dutch cheese: EDAM


47 Hardened: STEELY

50 Replace on the schedule: PREEMPT

51 Poetic contraction: TIS

52 Christmas pudding fruit: PLUM

55 Take in the groceries? EAT

56 Seal-hunting swimmer: ORCA

58 Protective charm: AMULET

60 46-Down work: ODE


66 Mound: KNOLL

67 Great start? MEGA

68 Ceremonial grandeur: POMP

69 Changed course, nautically: YAWED

70 Worshipped image: IDOL

71 Long shot, in hoops lingo: TREY


1 Sheep herder in a 1995 Best Picture nominee: BABE

2 Swear: AVOW

3 Come to the surface: RISE

4 EPA-banned insecticide: DDT

5 Skillful handling: FINESSE

6 8th-century B.C. Hebrew prophet: AMOS

7 Western burger franchise __ Jr.: CARLS

8 Bob Hope, often, for the Oscars ceremony: EMCEE

9 Turn red, say: DYE

10 Supreme singer? ROSS

11 Current source: OUTLET

12 One of four on a par-4: STROKE

13 Metal-cutting machine: SHAPER

18 Proprietor: OWNER

19 Nocturnal scavenger: HYENA

23 Represent in cipher: ENCODE

25 Part of rpm: PER

27 "That's the guy!": HIM

28 First-rate player: ACE

29 Sleep cycle: REM

30 Drains of power: SAPS

32 Early online forum: USENET

34 Fellow: MAN

35 Spot on a screen: BLIP

39 Hydroelectric power source: DAM

40 Sound system equipment: AMP

41 Came upon: MET

43 Mountain in the Tour de France route: ALP

44 Subject of the biopic "I'm Not There": DYLAN

45 Guided by a statement of faith: CREEDAL

46 "The Poetry of earth is never dead" poet: KEATS

47 Short and solid: STOCKY

48 Albania's capital: TIRANA

49 Mortgage provision: ESCROW

53 Taste sensation: UMAMI

54 Subtle, as a shade: MUTED

57 Willing partner: ABLE

59 Toy company with theme parks: LEGO

60 Reminder to take out the trash? ODOR

61 British title: DAME

62 Best Game, e.g.: ESPY

64 Passé: OLD

65 Get off the fence: OPT

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