LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 1 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 1 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Branch: LIMB

5 Advisory group: BOARD

10 Big name in luxury retailing: SAKS

14 About 30% of Earth's land area: ASIA

15 More fitting: APTER

16 Thing with rings: TREE

17 Really bad b├ęchamel? SORRYSAUCE

19 Letters facilitating sorting: ATTN

20 Unpaid stack for scofflaw Aaron? BURRSTICKETS

22 Something to stretch out on: YOGAMAT

25 Comedian dubbed "Mr. Television": BERLE

26 Mitchell protagonist: OHARA

27 Bone holders: PAWS

30 With 61-Across, "Yer darn tootin'!": YES

31 Seaweed for sushi: NORI

32 Puts down: ALIGHTS

35 What happens at the end of a Manilow concert? BARRYLEAVES

38 Most closely related: NEAREST

39 Educational period: TERM

42 Letters with Arizona or Maine: USS

45 Made tracks: FLED

46 One of composer John Williams' five: OSCAR

47 Harlem Renaissance writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

49 Does some lawn maintenance: AERATES

51 Furry creature that isn't cool? SQUAREFERRET

55 Bee in Mayberry, e.g.: AUNT

56 Convicted hastily and unfairly ... or, in a way, like the four other longest puzzle answers? RAILROADED

60 It requires some effort: FEAT

61 See 30-Across: SIREE

62 Confucius, by reputation: SAGE

63 See 29-Down: ELSE

64 Fashionista's concern: TREND

65 __-how: KNOW


1 __ Cruces: LAS

2 Prefix with metric: ISO

3 Defunct space station: MIR

4 Conan, for one: BARBARIAN

5 Iraqi port: BASRA

6 Dazzling style: OPART

7 Vince Gill's "Look __": ATUS

8 Certain quadrilateral: Abbr.: RECT

9 Half of sechs: DREI

10 Simple sign holder: STAKE

11 Major thoroughfare: ARTERY

12 Mother's whistler? KETTLE

13 Familiar fivesome: SENSES

18 City about 150 miles east of San Diego: YUMA

21 "NCIS" airer: CBSTV

22 It's other than hither: YON

23 "So that's your game!": OHO

24 Apparel: GARB

27 Accumulated, with "up": PILED

28 Many years: AGES

29 With 63-Across, "Is there more?": WHAT

32 Decimated sea: ARAL

33 Erato's instrument: LYRE

34 Assigns work (for), as students: SETSATASK

36 Cite, with "to": REFER

37 Religious subgroup: SECT

40 "Norma __": RAE

41 Union title? MRS

42 Risky: UNSAFE

43 "The Bourne Supremacy," e.g.: SEQUEL

44 Hot spots: SAUNAS

46 Dunked snack: OREO

48 Barista's offering: LATTE

49 "Over the Rainbow" composer: ARLEN

50 Misspoke, say: ERRED

52 While lead-in: ERST

53 Cloudless: FAIR

54 The Auld Sod: EIRE

57 "SNL" castmate of Gilda and Chevy: DAN

58 Swellhead's problem: EGO

59 Wet blanket: DEW

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