LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 1 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 1 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Remove politely, as a hat: DOFF

5 Muscle cramp: SPASM

10 Hang onto: HOLD

14 Assert as true: AVER

15 One with dreads: RASTA

16 Out of the wind: ALEE

17 Topper for a toreador: MATADORHAT

19 On cloud __: NINE

20 Fill with joy: ELATE

21 Feature that results in extra legroom on a plane: EXITDOOR

23 On __: sans contract: SPEC

26 Bro's sib: SIS

27 Indy 500 letters: STP

30 How sale items are priced: ATADISCOUNT

36 Brewed beverage: TEA

37 Pseudonymous punk rock surname: RAMONE

38 "This isn't looking good": UHOH

39 Turn back to zero: RESET

41 Picnic pest: ANT

42 Step between landings: STAIR

43 "__ girl!": ATTA

44 Stir up: AROUSE

46 Press into service: USE

47 "I'm so disappointed!": WHATADOWNER

49 Corrosive solution: LYE

50 PBS "Science Kid": SID

51 Crossed (out): EXED

53 Previews that sound like they belong after the film: TRAILERS

58 Eye-popping colors: NEONS

62 Little Boy Blue's instrument: HORN

63 System administrator's task ... and a hint to what can be found in 17-, 30- and 47-Across: DATABACKUP

66 "In memoriam" piece: OBIT

67 Speak from a platform: ORATE

68 River of Pisa: ARNO

69 Change the decor of: REDO

70 Gall: NERVE

71 Like the 10th frame in bowling: LAST


1 Title for Maggie Smith: DAME

2 Speed-skating rink shape: OVAL

3 Greek cheese: FETA

4 Houses with Greek letters: FRATS

5 Full house letters: SRO

6 It may be two on a minigolf hole: PAR

7 US Open stadium namesake: ASHE

8 Pringles rival: STAX

9 French painter Henri: MATISSE

10 Distributes: HANDSOUT

11 Hodgepodge: OLIO

12 Carson's successor: LENO

13 Bambi and Ena: DEER

18 Leave: DEPART

22 Idiosyncratic twitch: TIC

24 Greek vowel: ETA

25 Sporty Chevy: CAMARO

27 Proverbial camel's backbreaker: STRAW

28 Canines, e.g.: TEETH

29 Ziti or rigatoni: PASTA

31 Brief beginning-of-class activity: DONOW

32 On key: INTUNE

33 DIY mover: UHAUL

34 Loud: NOISY

35 Stooge count: THREE

40 Erodes, as savings: EATSINTO

42 Sister of Venus: SERENA

44 Enlarged the house: ADDEDON

45 Census checkbox: SEX

48 Feel sick: AIL

52 Window sticker: DECAL

53 Thunder god: THOR

54 Courtroom garb: ROBE

55 Desertlike: ARID

56 Uncommon: RARE

57 Betelgeuse is one: STAR

59 Gumbo ingredient: OKRA

60 Sisters: NUNS

61 Lady Macbeth's "damned" tormenter: SPOT

64 Off-road transp.: ATV

65 Spelling contest: BEE

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