LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 1 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 1 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 1 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dine at home: EATIN

6 Eye obtrusively: OGLE

10 Flight coordinators: Abbr.: ATC

13 Brawl: FRACAS

15 Author Hubbard: LRON

16 John, to Ringo: LOO

17 With 18-Across, symbolic goal: FINISH

18 See 17-Across: LINE

19 Landlocked land in S.A.: BOL

20 With 22-Across, daily Wall Street signal: CLOSING

22 See 20-Across: BELL

23 False god: IDOL

26 Went (for): VIED

27 Berlin's Maxim __ Theater: GORKI

28 Guys working on lines: WIREMEN

30 Colorful disc-shaped candy: SMARTIE

32 Fed. fiscal agency: OMB

33 "Ah, me!": ALAS

35 __ a time: ONEAT

36 Perm problem, and a hint to the four two-part answers: SPLITENDS

38 Flat: STALE

40 Chemical formula for lye: NAOH

41 Antipollution org.: EPA

44 Pro tennis designation since 1968: OPENERA

46 Sparkle: GLITTER

48 Law school class: TORTS

49 City near Colombia's coastline: CALI

51 Canal zones? EARS

52 With 53-Across, concluding phase: HOME

53 See 52-Across: STRETCH

55 Quarterback Manning: ELI

56 With 57-Across, farewell effort: LAST

57 See 56-Across: HURRAH

61 Cartoon canine: REN

62 African bovines: GNUS

63 Spots to remove: STAINS

64 Indian honorific: SRI

65 Best Upset, e.g.: ESPY

66 Uppity sort: SNOOT


1 Gee preceder: EFF

2 "Exodus" hero: ARI

3 Summer shade: TAN

4 Pointy, cold formation: ICICLE

5 Former FC Edmonton org.: NASL

6 Skate park move: OLLIE

7 Monotonous routines: GRINDS

8 Like marathons: LONG

9 Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.: ENE

10 Medicine Hat's province: ALBERTA

11 Carpenter's collection: TOOLKIT

12 Lassie, for one: COLLIE

14 December driveway clearer, to a Brit: SHOVELLER

21 Moses' mount: SINAI

22 Tiresome types: BORES

23 WWII battle site, for short: IWO

24 Faint: DIM

25 The Sun, say: ORB

27 Biopic that was 1982's Best Picture: GANDHI

29 Syrup sources: MAPLES

31 The Sphinx et al.: MONOLITHS

34 Subway stop: Abbr.: STN

36 "Ë votre __!": SANTE

37 Bird on old quarters: EAGLE

38 Printing program: SPOOLER

39 Subway system extremes: TERMINI

41 Pilot's approx.: ETA

42 Part of mpg: PER

43 Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS

44 Significant ones? OTHERS

45 Doesn't behave: ACTSUP

47 Mideast capital: TEHRAN

50 Dilettantish: ARTSY

53 Lacking: SANS

54 Skips class: CUTS

56 Clothing dept. size: LGE

58 __ Grande: RIO

59 Enero begins it: ANO

60 33rd pres.: HST

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