LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stat cousin: ASAP

5 Acronym often seen with a plus sign: LGBTQ

10 1886 debut at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta: COKE

14 Unflappable: COOL

15 Stop on the M├ętro? ARRET

16 Anderson of "WKRP in Cincinnati": LONI

17 How to get buns of steel? TAKETHEATRAINER

20 Rental at Aspen: SKIBOOTS

21 All agog: INAWE

22 Mme. counterpart: SRA

23 Samsung : Bixby :: Apple : __: SIRI

25 Axes one of the market employees? BOUNCESACHECKER

33 Sleep disturbance: APNEA

34 Roxette and Eurythmics: DUOS

35 "The Puzzle Palace" org.: NSA

36 D-Day invasion city: STLO

37 Draining target? SWAMP

39 Pressure: HEAT

40 Adherent's suffix: ITE

41 High-tech read: EMAG

42 "The Power of Now" author Eckhart __: TOLLE

43 "All these steaks are too well done"? NOTONEREDCENTER

47 __ & Chandon Champagne: MOET

48 Popular U.S. street name: ELM

49 Cheese shape: WHEEL

52 Transmission problem: SLIPPAGE

57 Hilariously react to a butt-baring prankster? HOWLATTHEMOONER

60 "Get it?" response: ISEE

61 Mazda MX-5, familiarly: MIATA

62 Fly in the ointment: SNAG

63 Drink garnish: ZEST

64 Researcher's aid: INDEX

65 Besmirches: TARS


1 Musical pair, commonly: ACTS

2 Drench: SOAK

3 World Golf Hall of Famer Isao: AOKI

4 Working-class Roman: PLEB

5 Capital of Pakistan's Punjab province: LAHORE

6 Activist Thunberg and actress Scacchi: GRETAS

7 Support group? BRAS

8 Saigon New Year: TET

9 NBA div.: QTR

10 Place with outpatients: CLINIC

11 The last Mrs. Chaplin: OONA

12 Was forewarned: KNEW

13 Cork's home: EIRE

18 Puccini heroine: TOSCA

19 Winds, in a South American city name: AIRES

23 Film on water: SCUM

24 Restaurant in the same corporate group as Applebee's: IHOP

25 Water holder: BASIN

26 Decide one will: OPTTO

27 Vacant, in a way: UNLET

28 Opposite of paleo-: NEO

29 Saw: ADAGE

30 Prepared to talk to a tot, perhaps: KNELT

31 Virtual transaction: ESALE

32 Zagat, for one: RATER

37 Bob Hoskins' role in "Hook": SMEE

38 Small flaw: WART

39 Sweetie: HON

41 Name on a historic B-29: ENOLA

42 Beat: TEMPO

44 Western, e.g.: OMELET

45 Rub out: DELETE

46 Turning point: CLIMAX

49 Phenom: WHIZ

50 Cheat: HOSE

51 Rams' fans? EWES

52 Herring known for its roe: SHAD

53 Military installation: POST

54 "Frozen" princess: ANNA

55 Reverse, say: GEAR

56 Joule fractions: ERGS

58 Texter's "I didn't need to know that": TMI

59 __ ear: TIN

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