LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 10 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Staples buys: PCS

4 Pooh-pooh, with "at": SCOFF

9 Author Stieg Larsson, for one: SWEDE

14 Deduction cry: AHA

15 "While I've got your attention ... ": OHSAY

16 Big name in seating: EAMES

17 Zip on a field: NIL

18 Passion for quilt filling? BATTINGLOVE

20 Fall cause: TRIP

22 Not heard before: NEW

23 1945 summit site: YALTA

24 Contest among bank customers? SAVINGRACE

27 __ Road Ensemble, group initiated by Yo-Yo Ma: SILK

29 Portaged craft: CANOE

30 Needing no Rx: OTC

32 Stick in a hall: CUE

33 "The buck stops here" president: TRUMAN

36 Baloney: HOOEY

38 Segment of a clogging contest? STOMPINGROUND

41 Jokhang Temple city: LHASA

42 Words spoken with one's hand raised: ATOAST

43 Corp. bailed out in 2008: AIG

44 Auction set: LOT

46 Made hands of: DEALT

49 Swatting target: GNAT

51 Airline passenger's arrival malady? LANDINGEAR

55 Grass unit: BLADE

57 Yield from una mina: ORO

58 Laser-cut, perhaps: ETCH

59 Female observer? LOOKINGLASS

62 __ jump: SKI

63 Unexpressed: INNER

64 Pulitzer poet Conrad __: AIKEN

65 Work hard (for): GUN

66 Aboveboard: LEGIT

67 Handle: SEETO

68 Ajar, in verse: OPE


1 Suit part: PANTS

2 Former French president: CHIRAC

3 DNA sample source: SALIVA

4 Sound with tears: SOB

5 Pitcher's surprise: CHANGEUP

6 Kitchen brand: OSTER

7 Mufti issuance: FATWA

8 "Here's the scoop" letters: FYI

9 Tokyo-based game company: SEGA

10 They're thin at budget motels: WALLS

11 Email adornment: EMOTICON

12 Weakened, as currency: DEVALUED

13 Legal add-on: ESE

19 Siberian freeze-out? NYET

21 Mottled equines: PINTOS

25 Routine: NORMAL

26 Crichton novel set in Africa: CONGO

28 Longboat in Florida, e.g.: KEY

31 Singled out: CHOSEN

34 Mazda two-seater: MIATA

35 Hexapod worker: ANT

37 Cause of a blinking "12:00": OUTAGE

38 Tibia: SHINBONE

39 Emulate a little brother, maybe: TAGALONG

40 Ham's creation: RADIOSET

41 Tarry: LAG

45 Author Robert __ Butler: OLEN

47 Unhands: LETSGO

48 Affix to a corkboard: TACKUP

50 Castmate of Doohan and Nimoy: TAKEI

52 "Cross my heart!": NOLIE

53 Male on a pond: DRAKE

54 View from Schönburg Castle: RHINE

56 Gossip: DIRT

59 Diminutive, diminutively: LIL

60 Main delivery: GAS

61 Cold-sounding product prefix: SNO

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