LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 10 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 10 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It's read monthly: GASMETER

9 Myers partner in personality type research: BRIGGS

15 Part of a backup plan: AUTOSAVE

16 "Ni-i-ice!": OHCOOL

17 Walked all over: TRAMPLED

18 Word on some special plates: DEALER

19 Klutzes: OAFS

20 Understand: KNOW

22 Added conditions: ANDS

23 Two-tone shirt wearer: REF

24 Word with side or prop: BET

25 Crunch beneficiaries: ABS

27 Like: ALA

29 Contributed to: FED

30 Issuer of three-part nos.: SSA

31 Gulf of __: OMAN

32 Exam given in spots? RORSCHACHTEST

35 "I know, right?": TELLMEABOUTIT

36 Hypothetical apocalyptic climate effect: NUCLEARWINTER

37 Single: ONLY

38 Transparent collectible: CEL

39 Sticker in a garden: BUR

40 Issa of "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl": RAE

41 Islands sound: SKA

42 __ stop: BUS

43 Hold up: ROB

46 Red state? RASH

48 Hideout: LAIR

50 Term popularized by le CarrĊ½: MOLE

51 Have a positive impact: DOGOOD

53 Rustic home: LOGCABIN

55 Outwitted, in a way: ELUDED

56 Completely dominated: ATEALIVE

57 Div. with MLB's southernmost team: NLEAST

58 Rush hour metaphor: SARDINES


1 Gainesville athlete: GATOR

2 Glowing rings: AURAE

3 Servers and such: STAFF

4 Spring honorees: MOMS

5 Unverified way of seeing: ESP

6 Exchanged insults, as competitors: TALKEDSMACK

7 Wedding, for one: EVENT

8 Second chance: REDO

9 Gym rat's pride: BOD

10 Emu relatives: RHEAS

11 Confident assertion: ICAN

12 Middle Eastern leader who grew up in Milwaukee: GOLDAMEIR

13 What an anchor does: GOESLAST

14 Camera initials: SLR

21 Sinus-clearing condiment: WASABI

24 TV comedy pioneer: BERLE

26 Nonkosher lunch, probably: BACONBURGER

28 Tiny tunneler: ANT

29 Recklessness: FOLLY

30 Wrapped accessory: SHAWL

31 Web-footed animal: OTTER

32 Group of local amateur teams: RECLEAGUE

33 Oreo O's, e.g.: CEREAL

34 Many Rwandans: HUTUS

35 Sushi bar order: TUNAROLL

36 Paired conjunction: NOR

41 Sole providers? SHOES

42 Flora and fauna: BIOTA

43 Crime-fighting sidekick: ROBIN

44 Antipasto morsel: OLIVE

45 "Seinfeld" surname: BENES

47 Source of fizz: SODA

49 Remark with a sigh: ALAS

50 Neighbor of Algeria: MALI

51 Cubs' home: DEN

52 Early EPA concern: DDT

54 Scoundrel: CAD

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