LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chinese sauce additive: MSG

4 Olympic swimming star Ledecky: KATIE

9 L.L.Bean competitor: JCREW

14 Listening organ: EAR

15 Stereotypical Pi Day celebrants: NERDS

16 "Drab" color: OLIVE

17 Handel's "Messiah" et al.: ORATORIOS

19 Creepy film motel: BATES

20 *Fruity adult beverage: WINECOOLER

22 Put in the mail: SENT

23 Cowboys QB Prescott: DAK

24 Well-worn pencils: NUBS

26 "Keystone" police: KOPS

28 *Black-spotted orange flower: TIGERLILY

33 Prefix with center: EPI

34 __ Valley: Reagan Library site: SIMI

35 Strand at a ski lodge, say: ICEIN

37 Pitcher's stat: ERA

38 *Toy pistols used on stage: CAPGUNS

41 Prefix with natal: NEO

42 Asian food breadcrumbs: PANKO

44 Novelist Leon: URIS

45 They, to Thierry: ILS

46 *Toy car brand: HOTWHEELS

49 Artist Warhol: ANDY

50 "The Good Earth" mother: OLAN

51 Some SAT takers: SRS

52 Olympian bigwig: ZEUS

55 Canoeing challenge whose first word can precede the start and whose second word can precede the end of the answers to starred clues: WHITEWATER

61 Safe places? WALLS


64 Orange Muppet: ERNIE

65 Not tight enough: LOOSE


67 Cockamamie: INANE

68 Beginning: ONSET

69 Automated spam creator: BOT


1 Cat's cry: MEOW

2 Indian cover-up: SARI

3 Concert keyboard: GRANDPIANO

4 Rap on the door: KNOCK

5 Sleek, in car talk: AERO

6 75% of a quartet: TRIO

7 Pop star: IDOL

8 Ancient mystic: ESSENE

9 Position at work: JOB

10 Enduring work: CLASSIC

11 Baptism or bris: RITE

12 Like Olympic years, numerically: EVEN

13 "Wild" 1800s region: WEST

18 Oolong and pekoe: TEAS

21 1921 play that introduced the word "robot": RUR

25 Euphoria: BLISS

26 Stay fresh in the fridge: KEEP

27 Celeb with her "OWN" network: OPRAH

28 Andalusian aunt: TIA

29 Little rascal: IMP

30 Lively baroque dance: GIGUE

31 Red Square shrine: LENINSTOMB

32 Give in: YIELD

34 Grouchy look: SCOWL

36 Prone to prying: NOSY

39 Often-bookmarked address, briefly: URL

40 Grafton's "__ for Noose": NIS

43 "80's Ladies" country singer: KTOSLIN

47 "Yee-__!": HAW

48 Surround, as with a saintly glow: ENHALO

49 Graceful steed: ARAB

51 "Ni-i-ice!": SWEET

52 Cube root of acht: ZWEI

53 Merit: EARN

54 Forearm bone: ULNA

56 Part of, plotwise: INON

57 Boxing ref's calls: TKOS

58 "Anything __?": ELSE

59 Opposite of exo-: ENDO

60 "Don't play" music staff symbol: REST

62 Date regularly: SEE

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