LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 10 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bookmarked item: URL

4 Commuting option: RAIL

8 "Gone With the Wind" feature: DRAWL

13 __ Wee Reese: PEE

14 Old Icelandic text: EDDA

15 Discussion-ending word: PERIOD

17 Bud 4 life: BFF

18 Tinker Bell's play ender? FAIRYTACKLE

20 Food bits: ORTS

22 Relocation: MOVE

23 Schooner gear: SAILS

24 TV channel with bizarre humor? WACKYSTATION

27 This is one: CLUE

28 Tech review website: CNET

30 Duration of employment: STINT

31 Protected: SAFE

34 Adjustable border: HEM

37 Harbormaster's income source? DOCKINGBUSINESS

41 Bother a lot: IRK

42 Marquee name: STAR

43 "___ War": Jules Verne-based game: NEMOS

44 Aching: SORE

47 What an a cappella singer never wants to be: FLAT

48 Unreliable origami practitioner? FICKLEFOLDER

54 Cheaply, after "for": ASONG

57 Bash: GALA

58 Past time: YORE

59 What an education budget provides? SCHOOLBUCKS

62 Cold air quality: NIP

63 Get into gear: SUITUP

64 Health factor: DIET

65 31-Down, e.g.: Abbr.: NCO

66 Meter creators: POETS

67 Jacuzzi effect: EDDY

68 Remote inserts: AAS


1 What a "V" symbol means in violin music: UPBOW

2 Type of optical telescope: REFRACTOR

3 Mouse activities: LEFTCLICKS

4 One whistling often: REF

5 First president to live in the White House: ADAMS

6 "... a tale told by an __ ... ": Macbeth: IDIOT

7 Caterpillar, say: LARVA

8 Immunization letters: DPT

9 Good thinking: REASON

10 Grasped by few: ARCANE

11 User-edited site: WIKI

12 Hang loosely: LOLL

16 Paris' Pont __ Arts: DES

19 Still: YET

21 Keep from scoring: SKUNK

25 Hairy legend: YETI

26 Summertime treat: ICES

29 Figure in many devotional paintings: THEMADONNA

30 Reagan-era mil. program: SDI

31 Rank above cpl.: SGT

32 Org. with cases: ABA

33 Pelt: FUR

35 Things few understand: ESOTERICA

36 Ed.'s stack: MSS

38 Nuclear physics time unit: Abbr.: NSEC

39 Facts: INFO

40 "M.O." rapper: NELLY

45 Famed: OFNOTE

46 Dress, as in a particular costume: RIGOUT

49 Putin's USSR employer: KGB

50 Magna cum __: LAUDE

51 Famed Castilian knight: ELCID

52 Forged: FAKED

53 Property seizures: REPOS

54 Brayer: ASS

55 Atlantic fish commonly called a porgy: SCUP

56 Where I-70 and I-75 cross: OHIO

60 Early RCA output: LPS

61 Farm enclosure: STY

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