LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 10 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 10 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 10 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Not imagined: REAL

5 On: ATOP

9 Arthur of tennis: ASHE

13 Country quarters: INNS

14 Be behind: TRAIL

15 Skier's need, maybe: SNOW

16 Arose to catch the proverbial worm: GOTUPEARLY

18 President's Day event: SALE

19 Ivy League student: ELI

20 Dynamic prefix: AERO

21 Sushi bar brews: SAKES

22 Ristorante favorite: LASAGNA

24 "Holy smokes!": ZOWIE

26 Award won twice by Adele and Kelly Clarkson: BESTPOPALBUM

30 Monks' wear: COWLS

33 Total drubbing: ROUT

34 Flatow of "Science Friday": IRA

35 Opposite of home: AWAY

36 Dozen dozen: GROSS

38 Craftsy etailer: ETSY

39 Tiny, for short: LIL

40 "Not long": SOON

41 Guilty and not guilty: PLEAS

42 Philanthropist who was a Time Person of the Year co-honoree in 2005: MELINDAGATES

46 Spectrum maker: PRISM

47 Comment after a missed shot: NICETRY

51 Characteristic: TRAIT

53 Shred: IOTA

54 Tint: HUE

55 "I didn't mean to do that": OOPS

56 Relatively unknown quality items ... and what can be found in 16-, 26- and 42-Across: HIDDENGEMS

59 Unmitigated joy: GLEE

60 Seller, usually: OWNER

61 Its symbol is Fe: IRON

62 Some cameras, for short: SLRS

63 Amorously pursues: WOOS

64 Fiddling emperor: NERO


1 Orion's left foot, some say: RIGEL

2 __ Gay: ENOLA

3 Naysayers: ANTIS

4 Pelican State sch.: LSU

5 Biblical mount: ARARAT

6 Tropical root vegetable: TARO

7 Squeaky-wheel need: OIL

8 Tissue layer: PLY

9 Attack: ASSAIL

10 Hazard in many old Westerns: SNAKEBITE

11 Opening: HOLE

12 Lambs' moms: EWES

14 New drivers, typically: TEENS

17 Novel units: PAGES

21 Whack at a mosquito: SWAT

23 With skill: ABLY

24 Family outing destinations: ZOOS

25 Numbered piece: OPUS

27 Outlet insert: PRONG

28 Celestial bear: URSA

29 First Black MLB team captain, 1964: MAYS

30 Not nervous: CALM

31 Something Mommy needs to kiss? OWIE

32 Computer screen background: WALLPAPER

36 Odin and Thor: GODS

37 Wander: ROAM

38 "Need anything __?": ELSE

40 Sulky state: SNIT

41 Pie nut: PECAN

43 Flowery van Gogh work: IRISES

44 Battery terminals: ANODES

45 Solution strength measure: TITER

48 "Over __!": THERE

49 Something from a mill? RUMOR

50 Type of survey question: YESNO

51 Duds: TOGS

52 Dinner table staple: ROLL

53 License plate fig.: IDNO

56 "__ come?": HOW

57 Iconic WWII island, briefly: IWO

58 Winning game cry: GIN

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