LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 10 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 The Scotch kind might be double-coated: TAPE

5 Poor benefits: ALMS

9 Ludwig wrote fŸr her: ELISE

14 Genesis plot: EDEN

15 Christmas Eve no-no: PEEK

16 Places for curlers: RINKS

17 Rock's Lofgren: NILS

18 Good news for the clean-up crew? TIDYPROFIT

20 Get ready to drive: TEEUP

22 Brewery letters: IPA

23 Scruff: NAPE

24 Good news for the elephant trainer? HUGESUCCESS

28 Title for Nick Faldo: SIR

29 [Ah, me!]: SIGH

30 Winningest baseball southpaw: SPAHN

32 Delta's primary hub: Abbr.: ATL

35 Taylor of "Mystic Pizza": LILI

38 Sends out: EMITS

40 Good news for the curling team? SWEEPINGVICTORY

44 Quarters with stories: HOTEL

45 Clearance caveat: ASIS

46 1, 2, 3, etc.: Abbr.: NOS

47 Choice cut: FILET

49 Water-diverting feature: EAVE

52 Word with tip or tub: HOT

53 Good news for the baker? BREADWINNER

59 Thereabouts: ORSO

61 Ma's his sis: UNC

62 Prayer hands, e.g.: EMOJI

63 Good news for the horror film producer? MONSTERHIT

67 Scrapes (out): EKES

68 "The __ Holmes Mysteries," series about Sherlock's teenage sister: ENOLA

69 Accident report? OOPS

70 __ burn: cutting remark, in slang: SICK

71 Attach, as a patch: SEWON

72 Kindle competitor: NOOK

73 Roles, metaphorically: HATS


1 Like J, in a way: TENTH

2 Sayonara kin: ADIEU

3 Co-owner of the Pequod: PELEG

4 Comes later: ENSUES

5 Like the name Robin Banks, for a yegg: APT

6 Hula hoop? LEI

7 MASH worker: MEDIC

8 FaceTime rival: SKYPE

9 Stumble: ERR

10 Meaning of "Simba" in Swahili: LION

11 Trendy: INFASHION

12 Command to bypass pre-TV-episode material: SKIPINTRO

13 Aromatic compound: ESTER

19 Mountain __: PASS

21 Chi follower: PSI

25 Not-so-cute fruit: UGLI

26 Table tennis powerhouse: CHINA

27 Bit of design info: SPEC

31 Oz. or lb.: AMT

32 Firing result: ASH

33 Sale phrase: TWOFORONE

34 When tripled, a holiday song: LETITSNOW

36 Some smartphones: LGS

37 Like Wrigley Field's walls: IVIED

39 __ admin: computer boss: SYS

41 Unadon fish: EEL

42 Working-class Roman: PLEB

43 "__ the Light": 1972 hit: ISAW

48 Loyal: TRUE

50 Battle: VIE

51 Tangle up: ENMESH

52 Lakes mnemonic: HOMES

54 2001 bankruptcy: ENRON

55 Blessing lead-in: ACHOO

56 Finnish tech giant: NOKIA

57 Oust: EJECT

58 Hazards: RISKS

60 1952 Olympics host: OSLO

64 Color like khaki: TAN

65 Wall St. event: IPO

66 Scolding syllable: TSK

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