LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 10 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 10 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 10 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Share-a-ride pickup hrs.: ETAS

5 Go wild with Wild Turkey, say: TOPE

9 Golden Horde member: TATAR

14 Pope __ VI (1963-'78): PAUL

15 Copied: APED

16 Be nuts about: ADORE

17 "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO

18 Drink garnish: RIND

19 Old-time actress Shearer: NORMA

20 Blindsided: CAUGHTUNAWARE

23 "Let's see ... ": HMM

24 German city on the Danube: ULM

25 Set ablaze: IGNITE

28 The hit in the baseball mantra "A walk is as good as a hit": SINGLE

30 Sugar source: CANE

32 Cultural funding gp.: NEA

33 Pumpkin pie maker's tool: NUTMEGGRATER

36 Beef inspection org.: USDA

39 401(k) alternative, for short: IRA

40 __ stick: incense: JOSS

41 One of a global septet: NORTHAMERICA

46 Suffix with percent: ILE

47 College city on I-35: AMES

48 Sharp: SHREWD

52 Yom Kippur month: TISHRI

54 "Who am __ judge?": ITO

55 China's Chou En-__: LAI

56 Flatbread lunch items ... and, as shown by circles, what 20-, 33- and 41-Across are? SANDWICHWRAPS

60 Work really hard: SLAVE

62 '60s-'70s pitcher nicknamed Blue Moon: ODOM

63 Huge: EPIC

64 Awards for Asimov et al.: HUGOS

65 Computer list: MENU

66 Concerning: ASTO

67 Suits: EXECS

68 Musically low: BASS

69 Floral neckwear: LEIS


1 Geological timespans: EPOCHS

2 Woven Japanese mat: TATAMI

3 Colorful period: AUTUMN

4 Plod (through): SLOG

5 Small pastry: TARTLET

6 Poppy drug: OPIUM

7 Keystone State Ivy: PENN

8 Scandinavian literary work: EDDA

9 Brightly colored songbird: TANAGER

10 Deck out: ADORN

11 Attacked with gusto: TOREINTO

12 Limb with biceps and triceps: ARM

13 "In Dreams" actor Stephen: REA

21 Netflix competitor: HULU

22 Flying aid: WING

26 Light shirts: TEES

27 All __: listening: EARS

29 Annoying bug: GNAT

30 First known asteroid: CERES

31 Lab gel: AGAR

34 Play charades, say: MIME

35 Open just a crack: AJAR

36 Ton, for one: UNIT

37 Songs for one: SOLI

38 Equestrian event: DRESSAGE

42 Equestrian equipment: HARNESS

43 In the center of: AMID

44 Panama landform: ISTHMUS

45 Grub: CHOW

49 Go by: ELAPSE

50 Elk: WAPITI

51 Where much Bee Gees music was played: DISCOS

53 Mayhem: HAVOC

54 Graphic symbols: ICONS

57 Berth before birth: WOMB

58 It can come to mind: IDEA

59 Concrete: REAL

60 Cow or sow: SHE

61 Unilever soap brand: LUX

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