LA Times Crossword answers Monday 10 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 10 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 10 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It may be acute, obtuse or right: ANGLE

6 Lee with desserts: SARA

10 Way cool, in the '90s: PHAT

14 High school experiment site: SCIENCELAB

16 Mishmash dish: HASH

17 *Sensei's studio: KARATEDOJO

18 Poker pot starter: ANTE

19 Khan of Khan Academy: SAL

20 Greek T: TAU

21 Rage: ANGER

22 *Loud, wet weather event: THUNDERSTORM

26 Big jets: JUMBOS

29 Fictional lawyer Perry: MASON

30 Leave red-faced: ABASH

31 Central points: FOCI

33 Hat-tipper's word: MAAM

36 Beer barrel: KEG

37 *Source of crude: OILWELL

40 Edible hero: SUB

41 Stonestreet of "Modern Family": ERIC

43 Climbing plant: VINE

44 "In __, there is always too much singing": Debussy: OPERA

46 Game with settlers: CATAN

48 Noisy quarrel: FRACAS

49 *Site of spares and splits: BOWLINGALLEY

53 Fed. security: TNOTE

54 What the ewe said: BAA

55 Cashew or almond: NUT

58 Emerald Isle: EIRE

59 Home plate ump's concern ... or what the answer to each starred clue can be? STRIKEZONE

63 "High Voltage" band: ACDC

64 Places for astronomy buffs: PLANETARIA

65 Screen door stuff: MESH

66 Wile E. Coyote's supplier: ACME

67 Funny sketches: SKITS


1 More than wonders: ASKS

2 Final Four org.: NCAA

3 One of a group who "just wanna have fu-un": Cyndi Lauper: GIRL

4 Meadow: LEA

5 Sinus doc: ENT

6 Four-door, usually: SEDAN

7 Not whispered: ALOUD

8 Koothrappali on "The Big Bang Theory": RAJ

9 Blood type letters: ABO

10 "The __ of the 44-Across": PHANTOM

11 "Wait, I'll be right there!": HANGONASEC

12 Daisylike flower: ASTER

13 Unit of heat energy: THERM

15 Whale constellation (anagram of CUTES): CETUS

21 Stubborn animal: ASS

22 "American Dad!" channel: TBS

23 Santa's jolly syllables: HOHO

24 Awards show host: EMCEE

25 Skateboard park feature: RAIL

26 Actor Gyllenhaal: JAKE

27 __ Eats: delivery service: UBER

28 Abracadabra et al.: MAGICWORDS

31 Casual love affair: FLING

32 Accept blame for: OWN

34 Celestial glow: AURA

35 CFOs' degrees: MBAS

38 Lendl of tennis: IVAN

39 Campfire stories, say: LORE

42 Pasadena engineering sch.: CALTECH

45 Fork over: PAY

47 Reason for extra innings: TIE

48 Snow speck: FLAKE

49 Second-string squad: BTEAM

50 Chilling: ONICE

51 The "A" in James A. Garfield: ABRAM

52 Singer Frankie: LAINE

55 Sushi roll wrap: NORI

56 Inch or yard: UNIT

57 Tazo products: TEAS

59 Pampering place: SPA

60 Pampering, initially: TLC

61 UFO crew: ETS

62 Drummer Starkey, son of Ringo: ZAK

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