LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stockpile: HOARD

6 "Fuller House" actor: STAMOS

12 Proof letters: QED

15 Perfume name: ESTEE

16 IdeaPad maker: LENOVO

17 Sch. in Charlotte: UNC

18 Embrace Love? HOLDCOURTNEY

20 Time often named for a philosophy: ERA

21 Approached: CAMENEAR

22 Estate beneficiary: HEIR

23 Rental garage array: SEDANS

26 Basic nature: ESSENCE

28 "Cancel the mission!": ABORT

29 Anxious med. condition: OCD

32 Iberian capital, locally: LISBOA

33 "Lawdy!": GAWD

34 Ready to go back? INREVERSE

36 Writer Rand: AYN

37 Joint protection ... or, in a way, creators of four puzzle puns? KNEECAPS

38 Civil War prez: ABE

41 Educated in the classroom as opposed to the street: BOOKSMART

43 Wrinkle: SNAG

44 Hybrid utensils: SPORKS

46 Nevada copper town: ELY

47 Bizet opera priestess: LEILA

48 Friendly greeting: WELCOME

50 Virgil epic: AENEID

51 Love god: EROS

52 Snobs: ELITISTS

56 Hosp. test: EKG

57 Is unable to sign the top-billed star for an "Ocean's 13" sequel? HASNOCLOONEY

61 It may not be intended: PUN

62 Melodious: ARIOSE

63 Physique: FRAME

64 Springs for a vacation? SPA

65 __ fly: TSETSE

66 Nikon setting: FSTOP


1 "Very cute": HEH

2 Spanish bear: OSO

3 CDC headquarters city: ATL

4 Soccer ejection indicator: REDCARD

5 Pour to purify: DECANT

6 Swing around: SLUE

7 Gull relative: TERN

8 Start-up money? ANTE

9 Janelle of "Moonlight": MONAE

10 Stayed out too long? OVERSLEPT

11 __ milk: SOY

12 Casual topper for Elizabeth II? QUEENBEANIE

13 Tenor Caruso: ENRICO

14 Takoma Park, Md., is part of it: DCAREA

19 Yoga chants: OMS

22 Gas company with toy trucks: HESS

23 Long story: SAGA

24 Site with PowerSellers: EBAY

25 Consume some deli meat? DOWNBOLOGNA

27 Gentlemen: SIRS

29 Washington's bills? ONES

30 __ fra‚ÄĚche: dairy product: CREME

31 Helmet sticker: DECAL

34 Concern for lefty writers: INKSMEARS

35 Change: VARY

37 Gorilla who learned modified 50-Down: KOKO

39 Hanes brand: BALI

40 "Jiminy cricket!": EGAD

42 Tolkien beasts: ORCS

43 They may pick up speed: SENSORS

44 Cleans, in a way: SWEEPS

45 Get excited: PERKUP

47 Allow to go free: LETOFF

49 Commercial cow: ELSIE

50 Syst. with hand signals: ASL

53 "What am __ getting?": INOT

54 Chuck: TOSS

55 Brand written in frosty letters: ICEE

57 Uniform part, maybe: HAT

58 __ Geo: NAT

59 Angsty genre: EMO

60 "For sure": YEP

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