LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 10 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 10 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 10 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Signs of a sale: REDTAGS

8 "Gimme a sec ... ": HOLDIT

14 "Yowza!": BOYOHBOY

15 Brief outline: APERCU

16 One on a binge: CAROUSER

17 Get back: REGAIN

18 Serves on a sailing vessel: CREWS

19 Coach in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame: SABAN

21 "Whaddya know": GEE

22 "This goes no further ... ": OFFTHERECORD

25 Lifelong chum: OLDPAL

28 Went with again, editorially: RERAN

29 It drains the east side of the San Juan Mountains: RIOGRANDE

32 In the box: ATBAT

35 Obfuscate: BLUR

36 "Wolves of the Calla," vis-à-vis Stephen King's "The Dark Tower": PARTV

38 Soft drink choice: COLA

39 Clog cousin: SABOT

41 Radio City, for one: MUSICHALL

43 Soap star Susan: LUCCI

45 Stickpin kin: TIETAC

46 Organ-shaped treats that David Foster Wallace dubbed "cinnamon toast from hell": ELEPHANTEARS

50 :-D: LOL

51 Outrage: ANGER

52 Ante matter? CHIPS

56 S.O.S alternative: BRILLO

58 Confucian text, with "The": ANALECTS

60 Capable of being retrieved: ONFILE

61 Indefatigable: TIRELESS

62 Scottish sprout: WEELAD

63 Put to rest: SETTLED


1 Niagara constant: ROAR

2 Thornfield Hall governess: EYRE

3 The Del-Satins or the Shirelles: DOOWOPGROUP

4 Until now: THUSFAR

5 Exerciser's target: ABS

6 "Whither __ thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?": Kerouac: GOEST

7 Red wine grape: SYRAH

8 Zimbabwe's capital: HARARE

9 1968 to now, in pro tennis: OPENERA

10 KFC selection: LEG

11 Traditional Chinese racing craft with a namesake festival: DRAGONBOAT

12 Not so affable: ICIER

13 Well-pitched? TUNED

14 Secret message letters: BCC

20 Some tête toppers: BERETS

23 To-do: FLAP

24 Gets a good scolding: CATCHESHELL

25 Regal regalia: ORBS

26 Mexican singer Downs: LILA

27 Secret agent's onus: DOUBLELIFE

30 T.S. Eliot's "The __ of Cats": NAMING

31 R&B group __ Hill: DRU

33 Ristorante menu preposition: ALLA

34 Tailor's chalk: TALC

37 Résumé, briefly: VITA

40 Real name of superhero Black Panther: TCHALLA

42 Small round ornament: CIRCLET

44 Probably didn't go up the river: CANOED

46 Arm-wrestling support: ELBOW

47 TV producer Michaels: LORNE

48 Natural dairy sources: TEATS

49 Actor Hudson who played Winston Zeddemore in "Ghostbusters" films: ERNIE

53 Frozen treat brand: ICEE

54 VA concern: PTSD

55 Snake's sound: SSS

57 Hip word in hip-hop handles: LIL

59 Forger's focus, maybe: ART

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