LA Times Crossword answers Monday 10 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 10 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Noisy blue birds: JAYS

5 What a wizard may cast: SPELL

10 Magic charm: MOJO

14 Stand watch for, say: ABET

15 Shire of "Rocky": TALIA

16 State firmly: AVOW

17 Lugosi of "Dracula" fame: BELA

18 MLB app for watching live baseball games: ATBAT

19 Farmer's place, in a kids' song: DELL

20 *Opening night Hollywood event: PREMIEREPARTY

23 VIP vehicle: LIMO

24 Smash into: RAM

25 Current unit: AMPERE

28 Practice in the ring: SPAR

30 Mil. bravery medal: DSC

33 *Recognizable face associated with a cause: POSTERCHILD

35 Brew ordered by its initials: IPA

36 Periods often named for music genres: ERAS

37 __-Ida Tater Tots: ORE

38 Colored eye part: IRIS

39 Double-crosser: RAT

40 *Photographer's concern: CAMERAANGLE

44 Part of CBS: Abbr.: SYS

45 Run __: go wild: AMOK

46 Number of feet between baseball bases: NINETY

47 Times two, a Gabor: ZSA

48 Work with freight: LADE

49 "Coming attractions" offerings, and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues: MOVIETRAILERS

55 "Right away!" letters: ASAP

56 Well in advance: EARLY

57 Life partner: MATE

60 Bit of lingerie: SLIP

61 Eye parts with 38-Acrosses: UVEAS

62 Most of the time: ALOT

63 Fit for sainthood: HOLY

64 Respond: REACT

65 Verne sea captain: NEMO


1 Elbow poke: JAB

2 Mount Rushmore prez next to Teddy: ABE

3 Shrill bark: YELP

4 Hollywood hopefuls, back in the day: STARLETS

5 Speak haltingly: STAMMER

6 Outdoor party area: PATIO

7 Hamburg's river: ELBE

8 False witness: LIAR

9 Like sideways gridiron passes: LATERAL

10 "__ Secretary": TV drama: MADAM

11 No longer hung up on: OVER

12 Rude awakening: JOLT

13 Big-eyed: OWLY

21 Celt's land: EIRE

22 Western chum: PARD

25 Imitators: APERS

26 Tropical eel: MORAY

27 Exams for sophs and jrs.: PSATS

28 Filmdom ogre: SHREK

29 Spot to fish from: PIER

30 Somber song: DIRGE

31 Like milk on the floor: SPILT

32 "Mighty" Mudville dud: CASEY

34 Crooner Perry: COMO

38 Source of a masculine sense of self: INNERMAN

40 12 bottles of wine: CASE

41 Nonprofessional: AMATEUR

42 Investment firm figure: ANALYST

43 Classroom helper: AIDE

47 Lively: ZIPPY

48 Pastel purple: LILAC

49 Prepare, as potatoes: MASH

50 Capital on a fjord: OSLO

51 Rockies ski resort: VAIL

52 "Must-see" review: RAVE

53 Polygon measure: AREA

54 It may result in a commission: SALE

58 Patriots' Brady: TOM

59 DDE's WWII command: ETO

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