LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 10 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 10 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tip politely: DOFF

5 Friendship: AMITY

10 Approved: OKED

14 Taj Mahal locale: AGRA

15 Longtime work animal: BURRO

16 Michelin product: TIRE

17 Competition with runners: MEET

18 It may be bid: ADIEU

19 Target Field MLBer: TWIN

20 Kind of code: PENAL

22 Tense tennis situation: SETPOINT

24 Talons: CLAWS

27 Leveling wedge: SHIM

28 Rhine whine: ACH

30 Opinion: VIEW

32 Mass media magnate: HEARST

36 "Harrumph!": BAH

37 Gillette brand: ATRA

38 Showy: ORNATE

39 Old Testament prophet: AMOS

41 Strong aversions: HATES

43 Clothes closer: SNAP

44 High-ranking angel: SERAPH

46 Rebuke from Caesar: ETTU

48 Only NFL team without a helmet logo, on scoreboards: CLE

49 Big shot: HONCHO

50 Snorkeling site: REEF

51 Half a bray: HEE

52 Rock's mate? ROLL

54 Splatter in a puddle: SLOSH

56 Helped remember: REMINDED

60 Diving action: SWOOP

63 Day when 46-Across was spoken: IDES

64 Key material: IVORY

67 Subtle glow: AURA

68 Essence: GIST

69 More contemporary: NEWER

70 Bygone despot: TSAR

71 Night at an inn, e.g.: STAY

72 Blokes: GENTS

73 Conducted, as a meeting: HELD


1 Like many a cellar: DAMP

2 Fancy molding: OGEE

3 Mellophone's orchestral cousin: FRENCHHORN

4 Like the most serious error: FATAL

5 Lawyer's org.: ABA

6 Wasp nest component: MUD

7 Pupil's place: IRIS

8 Beech and birch: TREES

9 Inn for traveling students: YOUTHHOSTEL

10 Hassock cousins: OTTOMANS

11 Fuzzy fruit: KIWI

12 "__ go bragh!": ERIN

13 Bad impression: DENT

21 Soap brand: LAVA

23 Embarkation location: PIER

25 Not being forthcoming about: WITHHOLDING

26 Antitoxins: SERA

28 Embarrass: ABASH

29 Hitchcock film trademark: CAMEO

31 With the answer below, dilute ... and a hint to the four longest answers: WATER

33 Home on the range: RANCHHOUSE

34 ClichŽd: STALE

35 Home on the range: TEPEE

40 Room for vestments: SACRISTY

42 Nice saisons: ETES

45 Sound prefix: PHON

47 Alien craft: UFOS

53 Flood deterrent: LEVEE

55 Mower's path: SWATH

56 Readies for sailing: RIGS

57 Cut text, e.g.: EDIT

58 City near Phoenix: MESA

59 See the answer above: DOWN

61 Like some vaccines: ORAL

62 Oater bro: PARD

65 No longer working: Abbr.: RET

66 Mos. and mos.: YRS

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