LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __-been: washed-up celeb: HAS

4 Shared again, as a story: RETOLD

10 Samantha Bee's network: TBS

13 Frequently found in poetry? OFT

14 One with a hunger: YEARNER

15 Go bad: ROT

16 Citrus drink in a sea breeze cocktail: GRAPEFRUITJUICE

19 Philosopher Kierkegaard: SOREN

20 Dawn goddess: EOS

21 Bridal veil trim: LACE

22 Packed in a slatted box: CRATED

25 Like bath mats: NONSLIP

27 Frivolous legal entanglement: NUISANCESUIT

29 Prez on a fiver: ABE

30 "Cream of" concoction: SOUP

31 Lonely place, so they say: THETOP

35 Former: PAST

37 Part of rpm: PER

39 Actress Russo: RENE

40 Bury: ENTOMB

43 Frontier lawman Wyatt: EARP

46 HBO rival, briefly: SHO

47 French luxury retailer since 1854: LOUISVUITTON

50 Gives a hand: ASSISTS

53 Celebrity socialite: ITGIRL

54 One who stirs the pot: CHEF

55 Former flier: TWA

57 "Live" sign: ONAIR

59 2011 Dolly Parton single, and what homophonically happens twice in 16-, 27- and 47-Across: TOGETHERYOUANDI

63 Night before: EVE

64 Most authentic: REALEST

65 Generation __: GAP

66 "Lust for Life" singer Lana __ Rey: DEL

67 How theater seating is arranged: INROWS

68 Hurricane center: EYE


1 Keeps to oneself: HOGS

2 Early form of Latin jazz: AFROCUBAN

3 Like the most twinkly sky: STARRIEST

4 Boxing official: REF

5 Musician's asset: EAR

6 "Can't deny that": TRUE

7 They might bring you to tears: ONIONS

8 Releases from a cage: LETSOUT

9 Basketball's Erving, familiarly: DRJ

10 Dry run: TRIAL

11 Italian lawn bowling game: BOCCI

12 Pricey: STEEP

14 Gossipy sorts: YENTAS

17 Podded plants: PEAS

18 Coat named for an Irish province: ULSTER

23 "Music for Airports" producer Brian: ENO

24 Bra spec: DCUP

26 Med. research agency: NIH

27 Tough spot to self-trim hair: NAPE

28 Olympic swords: EPEES

32 Simulated launch site: TESTRANGE

33 Taking a vacation, Brit-style: ONHOLIDAY

34 Lowly worker: PEON

36 English "L'chaim!": TOLIFE

38 Sitar master Shankar: RAVI

41 Jan. and Feb.: MOS

42 Words introducing a plot twist: BUTTHEN

44 Road groove: RUT

45 Hit the buffet in a major way, say: PIGOUT

48 "Scout's honor!": ISWEAR

49 Singer Turner: TINA

50 Played a part: ACTED

51 Push roughly: SHOVE

52 Jason of "How I Met Your Mother": SEGEL

56 Guthrie of folk: ARLO

58 Like avocados ready for guacamole: RIPE

60 Bi- plus one: TRI

61 Tree with elastic wood: YEW

62 WWII spy gp.: OSS

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