LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 10 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Conventioneer's freebie: SWAGBAG

8 Slightly: ABIT

12 Energy snacks whose flavors include Carrot Cake and Cherry Pie: LARABARS

14 Complete: DONE

15 "Snow White" antagonist: EVILQUEEN

17 Shot, perhaps: DOSE

18 Galileo's birthplace: PISA

19 Words said with a shrug: BEATSME

21 Holiday when one might eat b‡nh chung: TET

22 Relatable female character: EVERYWOMAN

25 Nearly four octaves, for Freddie Mercury: RANGE

27 Traditional springerle spice: ANISE

28 Shook on it: AGREED

32 Floors: KOS

33 Toy sold with cake mix packets: EASYBAKEOVEN

37 Ctrl-__-Del: ALT

38 Salt's savior: STELMO

39 Query rendered moot by laughter: GETIT

42 Doesn't hold back: VENTS

45 Title teen in a 2015 musical: EVANHANSEN

49 Go bad: ROT

51 Level: ECHELON

52 Winter festival: YULE

53 Huber of tennis: ANKE

54 Neither lose nor gain... and a hint to four long answers: BREAKEVEN

57 Ratings unit: STAR

58 Adjusted one's schedule (for): MADETIME

59 Villainous literary alter ego: HYDE

60 Atypical: DEVIANT


1 Nodded off: SLEPT

2 Not as straight, as hair: WAVIER

3 Milli Vanilli label: ARISTA

4 Bash: GALA

5 Common beach party, briefly: BBQ

6 Non-pro sports org.: AAU

7 Diving bird: GREBE

8 Expands, with "to": ADDSON

9 Audio setup involving a horizontal pole: BOOMMIKE

10 Like farmers' market produce: INSEASON

11 Kickoff aid: TEE

13 Fortuneteller: SEER

16 Old-style uh-uh: NAY

20 Former flier: TWA

22 Like custard: EGGY

23 Rank and file, e.g.: VERBS

24 Mario Bros. console: NES

26 "Too Many Rappers" rapper: NAS

29 Chow down: EAT

30 Manage, with "out": EKE

31 Conduct exhaustive research (into): DELVE

33 "I am __-one today!": Bilbo Baggins, a year after his 110th birthday: ELEVENTY

34 Smear campaign tactic: ATTACKAD

35 Comet, to some: OMEN

36 Super Bowl 50 MVP __ Miller: VON

37 Spend time in a cellar, maybe: AGE

40 "Psst" follower: INHERE

41 Not just any: THE

43 Splenda alternative: TRUVIA

44 Sincere, as an oath: SOLEMN

46 Edmonton's prov.: ALB

47 Benchmark: NORM

48 Golfer nicknamed "The Slammer": SNEAD

50 Article of faith: TENET

52 Apt cooler brand: YETI

53 Incomplete combustion product: ASH

55 Fruity cooler: ADE

56 Fred Savage's "The Wonder Years" role, informally: KEV

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