LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Confidentially informs: BCCS

5 Skewer: SPIT

9 __ top: TUBE

13 Solar panel site: ROOF

14 Chili partner: CARNE

15 Words that can precede and follow "what": ITIS

16 BB, e.g.: AMMO

17 "Waiting for Lefty" playwright: ODETS

18 Native of Riga: LETT

19 FCC chairman Ajit __: PAI

20 Bichon __: dogs with fluffy coats: FRISES

21 Early smartphone: TREO

22 Mole sauce chili: ANCHO

24 Classic guitar, briefly: STRAT

26 One verifying safe arrivals? UMP

27 New homeowner's hire: DECORATOR

29 Heads up: RISES

31 Ball game official: SCORER

32 Like a rare baseball game: NOHIT

34 How some nursery-rhyme men traveled: INATUB

36 Outspoken chef Gordon: RAMSAY

39 Wyatt of "People of Earth": CENAC

41 Cheeky? JOWLED

43 Monopoly piece: HOTEL

46 Open to question: DUBITABLE

48 Actress Gardner: AVA

49 Ursa Minor shape: LADLE

51 Floss brand: ORALB

52 "brb" or "ttyl": TEXT

54 Injure again, as one's ACL: RETEAR

56 Bit of baby talk: COO

57 Beethoven's Opus 11, e.g.: TRIO

58 Classic car ... and a hint to the hidden image you can draw using 21 identical squares in this grid: TBIRD

59 Cut down: MOWN

60 Mid-month day: IDES

61 Identification assuming familiarity: ITSME

62 Loose: FREE

63 Whale groups: PODS

64 Ferrara family name: ESTE

65 Cabs are among them: REDS


1 Some cup liners: BRAPADS

2 First Olympic gymnast to receive a 10: COMANECI

3 Where Vulcans congregate? COMICCON

4 BART stop: SFO

5 Exemplar of cruelty: SADIST

6 "The Good Wife" Emmy winner Carrie: PRESTON

7 Really scared: INTERROR

8 Championship ice dancer __ Virtue: TESSA

9 Arcade goof: TILT

10 Embryo's home: UTERUS

11 Sassy retort: BITEME

12 Bars in court: ESTOPS

14 __ anglais: English horn: COR

20 Augur: FORETELL

23 Public school advocate Mann: HORACE

25 Three-engine plane: TRIMOTOR

28 Gave __ for one's money: ARUN

30 Fighting words: ITSWAR

33 Muslim pilgrim: HAJI

35 They may be written off: BADDEBTS

37 Much canned tuna: ALBACORE

38 Like old manuscripts: YELLOWED

40 Certain worshipper: CULTIST

42 Fillets: DEBONES

43 Polite greeting gesture: HATTIP

44 Go too far: OVERDO

45 Approached the gate: TAXIED

47 "I'll take a brewski": BEERME

50 Bandleader Shaw: ARTIE

53 Cornhole turn: TOSS

55 Lemon finish: ADE

59 Plant owner: Abbr.: MFR

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