LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 10 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Powerful watchdogs: AKITAS

7 Silk Road desert: GOBI

11 Pulls a Halloween prank on, for short: TPS

14 Put a new handle on: RENAME

15 "... wish __ a star": UPON

16 Part of the fam.: REL

17 Very close: NECKANDNECK

19 Police blotter letters: AKA

20 Daughter of Polonius: OPHELIA

21 Dependable source of income: CASHCOW

23 Tearful queen: NIOBE

25 Short strings? UKES

26 More skittish: EDGIER

29 Dark mark: SMUDGE

33 Admonish: WARN

34 Artisan pizzeria feature: STONEOVEN

37 Seventh in a Greek series: ETA

38 Birthday party staple, and a hint to this puzzle's circles: CAKEMIX

40 Big Band __: ERA

41 Pastoral residences: RECTORIES

43 Huff: SNIT

44 Self-involvement: EGOISM

45 Williams of talk TV: MONTEL

47 "The Square Egg" author: SAKI

49 Square, e.g.: SHAPE

51 Former Jesuit school official: PREFECT

55 Stretch: EXPANSE

59 Sushi selection: EEL

60 Holiday to-do list task: BAKECOOKIES

62 "The Miracle Worker" comm. method: ASL

63 2016 MLB retiree: AROD

64 Online newsgroup system: USENET

65 Pop artist Lichtenstein: ROY

66 Sun., on Mon.: YEST

67 Mother in Calcutta: TERESA


1 Ponte Vecchio's river: ARNO

2 Conserve: KEEP

3 Foot part: INCH

4 Hornswoggled: TAKENIN

5 Charlotte __: AMALIE

6 Frequent discount recipient: SENIOR

7 Word with water or air: GUN

8 Energy org. since 1960: OPEC

9 Florida city, familiarly: BOCA

10 They're kept in pens: INKS

11 Dash, but not dot: TRACKEVENT

12 Orange __: PEKOE

13 Picnic dishes: SLAWS

18 Smidge: DAB

22 Sci-fi award: HUGO

24 Values highly: ESTEEMS

26 Spouted vessel: EWER

27 Palm fruit: DATE

28 1954 Best Actress Oscar winner: GRACEKELLY

30 Some den leaders: MOMS

31 Cycle starter? UNI

32 Showtime title forensic technician, familiarly: DEX

34 Aspen gear: SKIS

35 Scary-sounding lake: ERIE

36 NASA part: Abbr.: NATL

38 Soft sound: COO

39 Meyers of "Kate & Allie": ARI

42 Certain happy hour exclamation: TGIF

43 Bit of 11-Down gear: SNEAKER

45 Borrow the limit on: MAXOUT

46 Combat: OPPOSE

47 Sharp weapon: SPEAR

48 "You __ grounded!": ARESO

50 '70s TV lawman Ramsey: HEC

52 Auction venue: EBAY

53 Bit of TLC? CARE

54 WBA decisions: TKOS

56 Muse count: NINE

57 Goes with: SEES

58 Spanish pronoun: ESTA

61 D.C. summer hrs.: EDT

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