LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 10 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 10 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Alerts that may lead to roadblocks, briefly: APBS

5 Bela Lugosi was buried in one: CAPE

9 Orkney components: ISLES

14 Egg boiler's aid: TIMER

19 Ball game: POLO

20 "You said it!": AMEN

21 Steel plow pioneer: DEERE

22 Ask for "fish 'n' chips," say: ELIDE

23 Action at a coop dance? POULTRYINMOTION

26 Catkin producer: ALDER

27 Make a bundle farming? SHEAVE

28 Fella: GUY

29 The Tempter: SATAN

31 __ fide: BONA

32 D.C. fundraisers: PACS

33 Confederacy foe: UNION

35 See 16-Down: ITO

36 Guitarist Clapton: ERIC

37 Primo: AONE

38 Car in a '60s hit: GTO

39 Nestling tossed out of a bar? BOUNCEDCHICK

43 Eggy quaff: NOG

44 Mad fad: MANIA

46 Silver, to Long John: TREASURE

47 Story subtitled "Murder Most Fowl"? THEFRYERSTALE

50 Cotton Club site: HARLEM

54 Imam's faith: ISLAM

55 Towels off gently: PATSDRY

58 Neutral tone: BEIGE

59 Part of a house profile: ROOFLINE

63 Puffin relative: AUK

65 Gp. with many sub-par members: PGA

66 Rooster's wake-up call? ALARMCLUCK

69 Tiny hatchling group? MICROBROOD

73 Promgoer's concern: ZIT

74 Television station? DEN

75 One of two on a three-speed: BIKETIRE

76 Inuit transport: UMIAK

79 Income for Inc., say: ADSPACE

82 Tailor: ALTER

86 Unleash a tirade: LETRIP

88 What fussy hens do? PECKANDCHOOSE

92 Intermittent drip cause: SLOWLEAK

95 Ristorante potful: SAUCE

96 Home-school link: Abbr.: PTA

97 Fowl haulin' a semi? CAPONTRUCKIN

101 Some boxing wins: KOS

102 Disappearing ski resort feature: TBAR

103 Saudi Arabia neighbor: OMAN

104 42-Down's leg count: TEN

105 Breathers? NOSES

107 Smack, as a mosquito: SWAT

108 Start to meter or liter: DECI

109 Anarchist in 1921 news: SACCO

112 Voluminous ref. work: OED

113 Canine complaints: WHINES

115 Wes Craven film locale: Abbr.: ELMST

117 "Rooster Wars" sequel in which Hen Solo rescues Princess Layer? THEBANTAMMENACE

120 Herder's rope: RIATA

121 Sun: Pref.: HELIO

122 Sentiment-al piece? OPED

123 What beavers do: GNAW

124 Have a feeling: SENSE

125 Auto bust: EDSEL

126 What's going on: NEWS

127 Deserve: EARN


1 Phone programs: APPS

2 Plays down: POOHPOOHS

3 Navy aerobatic team member: BLUEANGEL

4 Pain relief: SOLACE

5 Give a hoot: CARE

6 "Clueless" director Heckerling: AMY

7 Loose dressing gown: PEIGNOII

8 Same old same old feeling: ENNUI

9 Promise sealed with a kiss: IDO

10 Board-and-pieces units: SETS

11 Sister of Luke: LEIA

12 X-rated works: EROTICA

13 Legislative councils: SENATES

14 Leaves in a cup: TEA

15 "You know where to find me": ILLBEHERE

16 With 35-Across, Japanese Olympian: MIDORI

17 Like paradise: EDENIC

18 Start another eight-ball game: REIACK

24 Controversial "babysitters": TVS

25 Brief warning to a busybody: MYOB

30 "Like, obviously!": NODUH

33 Eclectic magazine: UTNE

34 Write, as music: NOTATE

37 Naysayer: ANTI

38 Part of LGBTQ: GAY

40 Online addresses: UILS

41 Scholarship consideration: NEED

42 Seabed sidler: CIAB

44 1983 Keaton film: MRMOM

45 Jelly garnish: ASPIC

48 "M*A*S*H" actor Jamie: FARR

49 Go south: TANK

51 Fat-reducing procedure, briefly: LIPO

52 Thick & Fluffy waffle brand: EGGO

53 Beverage that goes back millennia: MEAD

56 Speed competition: RACE

57 Mongolian tent: YURT

60 Monk's condition, in the TV show: OCD

61 No friend of Fido: FLEA

62 Swedish university city: LUND

64 Colorful pond fish: KOI

66 Color of el mar: AZUL

67 Mojito component: LIME

68 Having a spat: ATIT

69 "The __": classic Yankee nickname: MICK

70 Furniture stores that sell meatballs: IKEAS

71 Astronomer Tycho __: BIAHE

72 Move, in real estate lingo: RELO

75 Start to parallel park: BACKIN

77 Torchbearers? ARSONISTS

78 Firing site: KILN

80 Blueprint detail: SPEC

81 Crowning point: PEAK

83 Head honcho: TOPBANANA

84 London station wagon: ESTATECAI

85 End of the line: REAI

87 Annie who voiced Bo Peep in "Toy Story": POTTS

89 Man, in a Desmond Morris best-seller: NAKEDAPE

90 Tango groups: DUOS

91 Emails a dupe to: CCS

93 Encircle, as with a lei: WIEATHE

94 Had a midday meal: LUNCHED

97 Video game makers: CODERS

98 2001 Audrey Tautou title role: AMELIE

99 Game with ghosts: PAC AN

100 High time? NOON

102 Minor pain: TWINGE

106 __ Hall: SETON

107 Mae West's "__ Done Him Wrong": SHE

110 Disney collectibles: CELS

111 Tony relative: OBIE

113 Iraq War concerns, briefly: WMDS

114 In stitches: SEWN

116 __ kwon do: TAE

118 2015 Verizon acquisition: AOL

119 Feline call: MEW

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