LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Church seating: PEW

4 The boy who cried wolf, e.g.: LIAR

8 Hint of hunger: PANG

12 Se–ora Per—n: EVA

13 Soften the effect of, as words: MINCE

14 Pen name: ALIAS

16 Carrier to Cork and Shannon: AERLINGUS

18 Release: LETGO

19 Streamlined, as a sports car: SLEEK

20 Miner's find: ORE

21 Kitchen protector with strings: APRON

22 She played Ika in "Quest for Fire": RAEDAWNCHONG

25 Tiered Eastern temple: PAGODA

28 "Definitely": YES

29 "Really?": AREYOUSURE

33 Chomped: BIT

36 Graduating group: CLASS

37 Letters before a pen name: AKA

38 Back of a hit 45 record: BSIDE

40 Rocky crest: TOR

41 Best Actor nominee for "The Crying Game": STEPHENREA

43 Slippery, as a winter road: ICY

45 Colossus island: RHODES

46 Ignore, with "to": TURNADEAFEAR

52 Chinese, for example: ASIAN

53 Baton Rouge sch.: LSU

54 Snake secretion: VENOM

58 Italian sauce with pine nuts: PESTO

59 Period preceding Reagan's presidency: CARTERERA

61 Tavern mug: STEIN

62 Killed time: IDLED

63 Boomer's kid: XER

64 Change for a ten: ONES

65 Prescribed medication amount: DOSE

66 Mattel product: TOY


1 "Split" veggies: PEAS

2 Daredevil Robbie's dad: EVEL

3 Suffix with hard or soft: WARE

4 "Hamilton" creator __-Manuel Miranda: LIN

5 "__ We Trust": U.S. motto: INGOD

6 Luxury Honda: ACURA

7 Fix with thread: RESEW

8 Regal abode: PALACE

9 Hebrew A's: ALEPHS

10 Part of TNT: NITRO

11 Be unable to swallow: GAGON

13 Onetime Japanese emperors: MIKADOS

15 Neil Diamond work: SONG

17 Composer Anderson and Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad" Brown: LEROYS

23 Nice water? EAU

24 "Science Guy" Bill: NYE

25 Agreement: PACT

26 Woody's son: ARLO

27 Camping equipment: GEAR

30 Grabbed a chair: SAT

31 Luau strings: UKE

32 Eminem genre: RAP

33 Cardinal or oriole: BIRD

34 Cannes concept: IDEE

35 Black or green beverages: TEAS

38 Acted properly: BEHAVED

39 Noisy napper: SNORER

41 Australian airport code: SYD

42 Charlemagne's realm: Abbr.: HRE

43 How football games rarely end: INATIE

44 EOS cameras, e.g.: CANONS

46 Brewpub lineup: TAPS

47 Was of __: helped: USETO

48 Up: RISEN

49 Legendary Spanish hero: ELCID

50 South American grilled meat dish: ASADO

51 Rolls up, as a flag: FURLS

55 Deli counter call: NEXT

56 Early Hydrox rival: OREO

57 Contrary girl of rhyme: MARY

60 Golf ball holder: TEE

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