LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gold rush storyteller Bret: HARTE

6 Saints' org.: NFL

9 Word pronounced like its middle letter: ARE

12 "The Lion in Winter" co-star: OTOOLE

14 Senator Lisa Murkowski, notably: ALASKAN

16 Participated in a pub crawl: WENTBARHOPPING

18 Cleanse (of): RID

19 Afore: ERE

20 Video game pioneer: ATARI

22 Sch. playing home games in the Sun Bowl: UTEP

24 "Shadows of the Night" Grammy winner: PATBENATAR

28 Numbs, as senses: DULLS

30 Bilingual TV explorer: DORA

31 File menu command: SAVE

32 Seiko Group printers: EPSONS

34 Mountain myth: YETI

36 Flower location: BED

37 Placating words before a confession: DONTBEMAD

40 The Eiger, for one: ALP

43 Scott who played Chachi: BAIO

44 Supplement: ENRICH

48 Snowblower brand: TORO

50 Schedule: PLAN

52 "Borat" star __ Baron Cohen: SACHA

53 New and improved: EVENBETTER

56 Vegetable with Golden and Chioggia varieties: BEET

57 San __, California: MATEO

58 "Fool (If You Think It's Over)" singer Chris: REA

60 __-di-dah: LAH

61 Upset ... and what can be found in the four other longest answers? BENTOUTOFSHAPE

66 Nonworking time: LEISURE

67 Twain of country: SHANIA

68 Bigger copy: Abbr.: ENL

69 Place to retire: INN

70 Over: ENDED


1 Indignant reaction: HOWRUDE

2 Savored the flattery: ATEITUP

3 Short poems: RONDELS

4 Playdate participant: TOT

5 Hamburg's river: ELBE

6 "I don't wanna": NAH

7 Woman in Progressive ads: FLO

8 One of 12 on a sitting jury? LAP

9 Tough dogs: AKITAS

10 Deferred payment at the pub: RANATAB

11 Impress deeply? ENGRAVE

13 1994 Costner role: EARP

15 Go over: SPAN

17 Get lost in a book: READ

21 Ticked off: IRED

23 Lumber (along): PLOD

25 Bath time plaything: TOYBOAT

26 "Grimm" actress Turner: BREE

27 Wonderland cake words: EATME

29 Elitist sort: SNOB

33 Harry Potter's potions teacher: SNAPE

35 Fleming and Holm: IANS

38 Incline: TILT

39 Hardly lively: DRAB

40 "Lemme __!": ATEM

41 Precious: LOVABLE

42 Many a middle schooler: PRETEEN

45 Most sparsely populated European country: ICELAND

46 Inexpensive knockoff: CHEAPIE

47 Consequence of wearing a cap too long: HATHEAD

49 Low soccer score: ONENIL

51 Sleuth Wolfe: NERO

54 Some spammers: BOTS

55 Two-legged zebras: REFS

59 1975 Wimbledon winner: ASHE

62 Non's opposite: OUI

63 Coffee server: URN

64 Phil Rizzuto's retired number: TEN

65 Chewie's pal: HAN

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