LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 10 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 10 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 What the eyes may have? LASIK

6 "Nooo! Anything but that!": THEHORROR

15 Smog ingredient: OZONE

16 Pursued: GAVECHASE

17 In a lather: SUDSY

18 "It does seem likely": IRECKONSO

19 Properties: TRAITS

21 "__ & the Women": 2000 Altman film: DRT

22 Rihanna hit that samples "Tainted Love": SOS

23 Morse bit: DAH

24 Yorkshire __, landmark London pub named for a slang word for strong ale: STINGO

27 Maker of the Levante SUV: MASERATI

31 Not so jumpy: CALMER

34 Retail warning: ASIS

35 Classic theater name: ROXY

37 "Chinatown" screenwriter Robert: TOWNE

38 Polar opposites? ICECAPS

40 Painter's option: OILBASE

42 Doofus: MORON

43 "I don't see the __": HARM

45 J.Lo's fiancé: AROD

46 Moved purposefully: STRODE

48 Buttinskies: MEDDLERS

50 Busy sweet spot? APIARY

52 Midge __, co-organizer of the Live Aid benefit concert: URE

53 Nanny __: CAM

55 Fœtbol announcer's shout: GOL

56 Powerless sort: EUNUCH

60 Meat- or wheat-based deli order: OLIVELOAF

64 LAN administrator: ITPRO

65 Coffee-making portmanteau: NESPRESSO

66 Flag: DROOP

67 Flier with means: JETSETTER

68 Matches exactly: SYNCS


1 TV drama about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815: LOST

2 Couleur de la Méditerranée: AZUR

3 Cream __: SODA


5 Hybrid instrument played by Prince and Lady Gaga: KEYTAR

6 It can precede Fridays: TGI

7 Pair of threes, in craps: HARDSIX

8 First female athlete to host Saturday Night Live: EVERT

9 Busy and then some: HECTIC

10 Spidey foe Doc __: OCK

11 Density symbol borrowed from the Greek alphabet: RHO

12 Online holdup? RANSOMWARE

13 Tibia, per esempio: OSSO

14 Old Royale 8's: REOS

20 On the dot: SHARP

25 "N," in many assn. names: NATL

26 U.S. Customs service that expedites traveler clearance: GLOBALENTRY

27 Incapacitates: MAIMS

28 Part of a U.S. military full-dress uniform: ASCOT

29 Sprite rival: SIERRAMIST

30 Peter with the debut solo album "Legalize It": TOSH

32 Belgian painter James: ENSOR

33 Bassoons, e.g.: REEDS

36 Yesteryear: YORE

39 "The King __": ANDI

41 "It's my time": IMDUE

44 Digestive enzyme: AMYLASE

47 Baby on a cliff: EAGLET

49 Ancient Celtic priests: DRUIDS

51 Place to rule: ROOST

53 As well as, e.g.: Abbr.: CONJ

54 Out of the wind: ALEE

57 Briefed about: UPON

58 Marsh critter: CROC

59 Quick flights: HOPS

61 Some suits, briefly: VPS

62 "We must away, __ break of day ... ": Tolkien: ERE

63 On the side of: FOR

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