LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 10 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 10 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 10 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Milk consumer: CALF

5 2017 Dan Stevens fantasy title role: BEAST

10 Units of resistance: OHMS

14 Stop running, with "out": CONK

18 Like zeroes: OVAL

19 Aerie occupant: EAGLE

20 Heartless: CRUEL

21 Shortly, once: ANON

22 Exec working as a lifeguard? DIVINGSUIT

24 Speaks in Spanish: HABLA

25 Stalwart political group: BASE

26 "Accidents will happen," e.g.: ADAGE

27 Accessory for Astaire: TAP

28 .000001 meters: MICRON

29 Head for the hills: FLEE

30 Word of technique: HOW

32 Sailors working as aromatherapists? SMELLINGSALTS

35 Narrow opening: SLIT

38 Sole: ONE

41 City near Nîmes: ARLES

42 Rough words? ORSO

43 Truckload unit: TON

44 Source of perfection, so they say: PRACTICE

46 Crossword constructor's chore: CLUEING

49 Committee head working as a lead guitarist? ROCKINGCHAIR

51 Stimulate: FUEL

52 Fawn's mom: DOE

53 Bolt with great speed: USAIN

54 Get a look at: SEE

55 Site of Napoleon's exile: ELBA

56 "The __ is silence": Hamlet's last words: REST

57 Good guy: MENSCH

59 "To repeat ... ": ASISAID

62 Puts to work: USES

63 NBA players working as Instacart employees? SHOPPINGCENTERS

68 Badly hurt: MAIM

71 Not in time: TOOLATE

72 "I'm not buying that!": NOSALE

76 Bone: Pref.: OSTE

77 Inform: TELL

78 St. with a panhandle: FLA

81 "Uh-oh!": YIPES

82 Rehab symptoms: DTS

83 It might be on a stickie: MEMO

84 Comics working as phone solicitors? CALLINGCARDS

88 Correction tools: ERASERS

90 Traditional song with the line "Je te plumerai": ALOUETTE

91 Call __ day: ITA

92 Workplace standards org.: OSHA

93 Sunlit lobbies: ATRIA

95 "Gloria in Excelsis __": DEO

96 Overdo the sweetness: CLOY

97 Author's rep working as a janitor? CLEANINGAGENT

101 Chic retreat: SPA

103 Security device: LOCK

104 Church official: DEACON

105 "__ Dark Materials": HBO fantasy series: HIS

108 Sound: AUDIO

112 Farm prefix: AGRI

113 Hanukkah potato pancake: LATKE

114 Football player working as a tailor? FITTINGEND

116 React to a shock: REEL

117 Cultural values: ETHOS

118 City map, sometimes: INSET

119 Not just dislike: HATE

120 Pretentious: ARTY

121 Equine hue: ROAN

122 Cleopatra's kingdom: EGYPT

123 Walked: TROD


1 Composition conclusion: CODA

2 Ardent: AVID

3 Volcanic output: LAVA

4 Small sampling, as of various beers: FLIGHT

5 Implore: BEG

6 "It is the __, and Juliet is the sun": Romeo: EAST

7 Liquido claro: AGUA

8 Loses traction: SLIPS

9 Asian festival: TET

10 Expert in futures? ORACLE

11 Overreaching self-confidence: HUBRIS

12 Dieter's breakfast: MELON

13 Much street talk: SLANG

14 A subway rider might save it: CABFARE

15 From every direction: ONALLSIDES

16 In close opposition: NOSETONOSE

17 Joints with caps: KNEES

20 Scary story: CHILLER

23 Modernist: NEO

28 Word of Gallic gratitude: MERCI

31 Frayed: WORN

33 Greek goddess for whom a spring month is named: MAIA

34 "Divine Comedy" focus: SOUL

35 Neither bow nor pick: STRUM

36 Unsecured: LOOSE

37 Like ancient Peru: INCAN

39 Bugs: NAGS

40 Pilate's "Behold!": ECCE

44 Small recipe quantity: PINCH

45 With 100-Down, 1951 horror film whose title role was played by James Arness: THE

46 Ark unit: CUBIT

47 Heavy: LEADEN

48 Comes into: GETS

50 Affectionate invitation: KISSME

51 Custard dessert: FLAN

55 Salem-to-Boise dir.: ESE

56 Nation in a Fleming title: RUSSIA

58 More torrid: HOTTER

59 Santa __ winds: ANA

60 Army NCO: SGT

61 Cooling cubes: ICE

64 Poe output, aptly: POEMS

65 Game played on horseback: POLO

66 Badly: ILL

67 Auto pioneering partner: ROYCE

68 Fashion: MODE

69 Studier of signs: ASTROLOGER

70 "I can't tell": ITSASECRET

73 National Poetry Month: APRIL

74 Brought about: LEDTO

75 Long exam answer: ESSAY

78 Seasonal affliction: FLU

79 Wasn't true: LIED

80 Poker hand staple: ANTE

83 Intend: MEAN

84 Freighters' loads: CARGOES

85 From far away (perhaps very far): ALIEN

86 Bank offering: LOAN

87 Pontiac muscle cars: GTOS

89 With uncertainty: SHAKILY

93 Mystery award namesake: AGATHA

94 Add at the end: TACKON

96 Came down with: CAUGHT

97 Philanthropist Barton: CLARA

98 Do-nothing: IDLER

99 Cool kin: NEATO

100 See 45-Down: THING

102 Critical critique: PAN

106 Wee: ITSY

107 Dance part: STEP

109 Letter opening: DEAR

110 Fond of: INTO

111 Binged (on), as junk food: ODED

114 "Shame on thee!": FIE

115 Hairy Addams family member: ITT

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